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This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux

This Will Make Excellent An Horcrux will indeed. For those, like me, unfamiliar with the Harry Potter world a horcrux is a object in which one puts part of her soul to get immortality. I am not sure Jackie Kashian will achieve immortality with this comedy CD or MP3 album but her performance is one you can enjoy time and again.The first half or so of the show has Kashian telling stories about performing for the troops overseas. Those familiar ... More

Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time - CD and DVD set

Patton Oswalt’s new special “Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time” is getting the now commonplace combo CD/DVD treatment by Comedy Central.  Always an exceptional value.When are we going to stop referring to Oswalt as an “alternative” comic?  An alternative to what?  The label is supposed to denote that Oswalt is not a “typical” comic.  But, again, typical compared to what?  Comics have many different styles and voices.  Only one thing matters, and that’s if the comic is funny.  Oswalt has spent ... More

Live From Chicago

On the heels of his 2012 album “Animal Furnace,” Hannibal Buress is back with a new album called “Live from Chicago.”There is no point in pretending this is an unbiased review, so let’s just get this out of the way … I love Buress.  Every bit is honed to perfection, and he is one of my favorite young comics working today.  He has a very unique voice, and a very laid-back delivery style.One thing you hear a lot of comics ... More

John Pinette 1964 - 2014

Comic and multitalented performer John Pinette died today April 6th 2014. Pinette was a rarity amongst stand-up comics in that he was clean, immensely likeable, and more than generous towards his audience.I had the pleasure of seeing Pinette four or five times in Montreal including his first appearance agt Just For Laughs where he brought down the Club Soda house with his standard buffet routine.There is no doubt Pinette will be remembered for “nay nay” and “You go now” but ... More

Natural Selection

Natural selection is the best rise to the top. This is very much the case with Chad Daniels' third comedy album. If you enjoy funny and original stand-up about being married and having kids, you are going to appreciate this album as most of it is about that. What makes this material stand out from the rest is the material about Daniels' son being on the verge of puberty. Not many comics have the skills to make that funny without ... More

Hell Bent For Laughter

If you are familiar with comedian Don Jamieson it is probably because he is co-host of VH-1 That Metal Show or because you've seen him perform at some metal concert. If so, you are going to like his latest stand-up comedy MP3 album. If you are not familiar with Jamieson, you are probably going to find his material fun enough but not particularly memorable.The first half of Hell Bent For Laughter is about the metal world with jokes about a ... More

Completely Normal

In 2012 Tom Segura self-released the hilarious stand-up comedy album, White Girls With Cornrows.  My review can be found here at the bottom of this page.  Now, only a little over a year later, Segura is back with a new hour-long special called Completely Normal, available from New Wave Dynamics as an MP3 download (also available for streaming in video format from Netflix).There are some comics that you like or dislike for very specific reasons.  Maybe you like Demetri Martin ... More


If you enjoy comics who do crowd work, you are going to like Raj Sharma. Most of his hour-long show is Sharma kvetching with the audience with questions like “How long have you been married?” and so on. You have to admire a comic who can keep this up for an entire show with only a few very short bits in between. You can stream or buy this stand-up comedy show at Amazon.The thing is, this is not my cup ... More

Finding the Funny

Tammy Pescatelli gives a solid performance in Finding the Funny. Her Italian-American background shows in a few of the routines on this comedy MP3 album. Her material is mostly stories about herself, her relatives, her husband, and so on, commentary on the media (Nancy Grace, Larry King), or observations about relationships.The bits are quite short and Pescatelli's conversational style makes it flow seamlessly. Her segue that you can find the funny in anything is quite clever. Also really really funny ... More

The Most Bees Ever

Tim Harmston is a better comic than he gives himself credit for. The Most Bees Ever features solid stand-up comedy with quite a few particularly original bits such as the Penguin Rodeo and it's section on mouse torture. Unfortunately, the show has three instances where Harmston feels his material did not go over well (it did) and he puts it down. It takes away from the listening experience and makes you question whether or not your own impression of the ... More

The Venture Brothers Season 5 Blu-ray

The Venture Bros is an Adult Swim cartoon so you know it is weird. Imagine how much weirder it is when you are not familiar with its mytharc and encounter it with the season 5 Blu-ray. That said, this mix of weird mad scientist, slacker teens, and offbeat and sometimes questionable humor is a hell of a lot of fun to watch. The Fifth Season features 8 episodes, a bonus Halloween episode, an MTV-like feature on Shallow Gravy, and deleted ... More

Achmed Saves America

I find Jeff Dunham a little racist so I was quite skeptical about the one-hour animated Achmed Saves America. Turns out this is a fun cartoon with quite a few good jabs targeted at white Americans, some rather imaginative jokes, pointed referential humor (my favorite is when Achmed says he is writing writes life in small town America “like the kind by that famous suicide instigator Garrison Keillor”, some great sight gags, and some very funny lines like “If you're ... More