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Oh and You Were Good Too

Ryan Maglunob is a young comic with a solid first indie CD titled Oh … and You Were Good Too. Like most first comedy releases, the material covers a wide range of topics and is basically biographical. As a comic, Maglunob needs to have lived a few more years and have truly original experiences to stand out from the crowd but overall he gets good material out of what he knows.There are moments where Maglunob is different from most. ... More

My Big Break

Shane Mauss' My Big Break is worth every penny of your comedy dollar. There's not a bad moment and those who enjoy smart comedy that makes you think a bit will appreciate it even more. My Big Break opens with the story of Mauss breaking both his heels doing “dumb white people shit”. It makes for a fun story and a nice set up for the more thoughtful material that follows.Track three is about a theory called the negativity bias ... More

Pretty From the Back

I really enjoyed Pretty From The Back by Phil Johnson and the Roadside Attraction. Johnson, who looks like he unsuccessfully escaped from an eighties hair band cover group is a very funny guy who can tell a story and has quite a few original observations to share. This is a small-budget indie production and it shows,especially with lighting that sometimes washes out the comic's face, but it is not anything that gets in the way of enjoying a solid set ... More

It Was OK, Stand Up! Records

I was not surprised when Stand Up! Records picked up David Heti's indie release It Was Ok. The label, a personal fave, has a long history of very unique comics like Dylan Brody or Marc Maron. It also has an excellent ear for new talent as its signing of Jamie Kilstein or David Huntsberger shows. David Heti is both unique and new.If the Dark Side has a comedy club, David Heti is the headliner. The Holocaust, slavery, pedophilia, or how ... More

Bill Hicks reissued on Comedy Dynamics

Stand-up fans who have yet to discover the genius of Bill Hicks, labeled by me as the Tupac of comedy for his ability to release recordings after his death, will be please to hear the entire Hicks audio and video catalogue is being reissued by Comedy Dynamics. A DVD box set is planned for August 18th 2015 and a new audio album is going to be released on October 27 thus cementing Hicks' Tupac quality.There are eight albums: 12-16-61, Dangerous, ... More

Full Time Magic

Nate Bargatze is awesome.  Seriously awesome.  And he has a new album out called “Full Time Magic,” released by Comedy Central Records.  Are you still reading this?  Just go buy it.  You won’t regret it.For those of you still here, let me get one “warning” about this album out of the way.The warning is this … if you are already a fan of Bargatze, and already own his 2012 album “Yelled At By A Clown,” you are going to find ... More

Thirty One

A comic in his early thirties is at a crossroads: Too old for the college crowd and that kind of material, too young for the kind of material that will interest the married crowd. This is something Michael Malone cleverly faces head on in Thirty One, a solid show that will please any comedy fan no matter the demographic. The one caveat for this MP3 album is Malone's lazy use of the f-word.Thirty One Opens with a bit about having ... More


With such renowned thespians as Ron Jeremy (Terms of Endowment, 21 Hump Street) and Dustin Diamond (the original Chia head model and Screech in Saved by the Bell) and leads that do not have their picture on IMDB, you know Tetherball has to be something just too weird not to watch. I've seen a few no-budget comedies and this is one of the better ones. Of course, it  has lots of gratuitous nudity.A morbidly obese loser, his just as obese ... More

Inside Amy Schumer Seasons 1 and 2

There is no way you can't enyoy Inside Amy Schumer Seasons 1 and 2. This Comedy Central show features many different segments, a definite taste for the raunchy, a great and very talented star, and some excellent and original writing. I am not a big fan of skit comedy but most of it here does not overstay its welcome nor follow a predictable pattern. The Season 1 and 2 Inside Amy Schumer DVD set features 20 episodes on 3 discs. ... More

When You Gonna Be A Dentist?

There is not a single weak moment on Alex Wood's When You Gonna Be A Dentist? the comic's self-release MP3 album. The young comic, he is in his late twenties, really knows what he is doing on stage and leaves you wanting more, soon. Biographical material is only as interesting as the comic and his take on it. Wood brings a twist too all of his personal pieces. From pointing out that he may be living with three roommates but ... More

Sight Gags

When a comic titles his CD Sight Gags, he is telling the audience he has an off-beat sense of humor. That is very much the case for David Pryde. What it does not reveal is Pryde covers a wide range of humor from the slightly risque bit on fellatio or solid observational and biographical comedy to some really horrible puns. With some fifty or so short bits, this is a CD anybody who likes comedy will really enjoy.There is a ... More

Chinese Affection

I want to start a Kickstarter campaign for the many brilliant practical joke scenaria Dan Cummins presents on Chinese Affection. This is comedy off the overly beaten path and the kind of material those of us who are addicted to stand-up appreciate partly because it is different but mostly because it is really funny too. On this MP3 comedy album Cummins talks about silly Guiness Book records, why you should be allowed to laugh at others under certain circumstances, but ... More