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Bangs is an enjoyable stand-up comedy album by Ophira Eisenberg, a Canadian now living in New York City. She does self-deprecating biographical material in very short bits and her instant likeability  makes her stories easy to connect with.  Eisenberg is also known as the host of NPR's trivia and musoc show Ask Me Another.The first third of the album is very NYC centric. The bits are funny though there are a couple of very local references most will not get ... More

Drunk History Seasons 1 and 2

Drunk History will be back for a third season in 2015. That is good news for fans of this Comedy Central show where inebriated semi-celebrities tell their version of an American Historical moment while sometimes A-list actors act out and lip synch the story. There is nothing else like this show on TV, cable or otherwise. This DVD comedy set features the 8 season one episodes and the 10 season two shows on two discs.Most episodes center on events that ... More

MInd of the Quiet Dude

Although very enjoyable, Mind of the Quiet Dude would be best enjoyed as a video. The two biggest and longest laughs in comic Jay Phillips' performance come from jokes that obviously have some physical or visual support. Since that is not possible, the MP3 album version has to do.Phillips is a biographical comic. He opens with mainstream stuff about pot and hotel cable. The bit on cops is better. It is followed by a few routines about being a parent ... More

Viral Inflection

Not being a big fan of skit and music comedy, I approached Viral Inflections by Chris Killian with some reservation. I should not have. Killian is both a talented musician and comic, making Viral Inflections a very entertaining comedy mp3 album.The basic structure of Viral Inflection is song followed by skit. The skits are quite fun. Batmans' New Helper, Day at the Beach, and Christian Potluck are very funny. I can't decide if Potluck or Beach is my favorite. The ... More


Americans have Def Comedy, Canada has deaf comedy thanks to DJ Demers. On this EP, the comic introduces his kind of biographical material. This eleven minute calling card performance only makes you want Demers to release something more complete as soon as possible.Demers was born deaf and this is at the center of this show. He talks about having hearing aids, how life might be without them, and how life is with friends and other people. He does have a ... More

All Over the Map

Jeff Dunham All Over the Map follows the famed ventriloquist on a world tour. Each segment of the show usually has a bit of local colour, a bit of the act, and an ask Achmed a question closer. It makes for a very entertaining if formulaic show. Viewers have the option of the uncensored or bleeped version of the performances.  At the end of this show, Dunham shows he has balls when he does something daring during the Malaysian show.Dunham ... More

Hot in Cleveland Season 5

Season 5 of Hot In Cleveland will best be remembered for the live and the animated episodes. The season itself is still pretty solid though there are a couple more weak episodes than in the past. The story ideas are getting a bit thin. One episode even has Rob Schneider, the modern Ted McGinley. This sitcom DVD set features 24 episodes on 3 discs.The season opens with Victoria's husband having escaped prison and missing. Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!) is the ... More

I Am Who I Pretend To Be

I did not expect much from a Gallagher whose claim to fame is smashing watermelons. Listening to his new comedy CD I Am Who I Pretend To Be, I could not but wonder why he had been wasting his talent all this time. The album shows Gallagher is a smart comic whose intellectual curiosity creates some really interesting and funny routines.Those who appreciate language humor will listen to the ten-minute The French routine near the end of the show. I ... More

Reno 911! The Complete Series

Reno911!   is Cops meets Police Academy way back when it was funny. This pseudo-reality show follows the officers of the dysfunctional Reno Sheriff's Department. The show lasted 6 seasons or 88 episodes on 14 DVD. 32 of the episodes have a commentary track. The show does get tired around season 5. I am surprised it did not do so before considering most of the dialogue is improvised. For what Amazon is charging for this set, you'd be dumber than a ... More

Food, Medicine, and a Surprising Amount of Math

Fraser Young has a rapid delivery and a bit of an odd speaking voice. This does not get in the way of enjoying Food, Medecine, and a Surprising Amount of Math. Young covers a lot of ground during this solid set and a lot of that ground has pretty much been unexplored by most comics. This release is on the Comedy Records label which features some really good Canadian comics.The opening bit, Exact Change, establishes this comic has a rather ... More

Comedy Monster

Donzilla does to good taste what Godzilla did to Tokyo but more thoroughly. Don Tjernagel's idea of comedy is “a Voltaire reference in a butt fuck joke” or the American Gothic couple at a swinger's party. This is not stand-up for the weak of heart. As a matter of fact, Tjernagel tells the story of an audience member so offended he got a heart attack. If, however, you like comics who have no fear and are smart enough to juggle ... More

Pretty Fly

Pretty Fly is a pretty fly comedy album from a white British guy. At a time when everybody is releasing a comedy album, we get one a day or so, Chris Turner's stand up stands out. This godawful play on words is my tip of the hat to some of Turner's joyously horrible puns. These, jokes based on roman numerals, and his ability to work the long form create a solid show.Turner is a Brit. Brit humor does not always ... More