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13 Great Halloweeen Episodes
13 Diifferent sitcoms

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TV s Spookiest Halloween Episodes - 13 Shows

Whoever at Mill Creek Entertainment came up with this DVD is a bloody genius. Any TV fan who sees TV's Spookiest Halloween Episodes on a store shelf will pick one up and pick another up to give as a gift. 13 Halloween shows from 13 great and now classic sitcoms is a must have.The 13 situation comedy represented on this DVD are Bewitched, The Jeffersons (a 2-part episode), The Facts of Life, Roseanne, NewsRadio, 3rd Rock From the Sun, I ... More

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 30th Anniversary

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call but Ghostbusters. If it is stranger still, you gonna call Ghostbusters 2. Thirty years later, the original comedy starrring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis, and Sigourney Weaver still totally rocks.  Ghostbusters 2 is also a lot of fun to watch. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original with a two blu-ray digibook set with the films mastered in 4K ... More


I really wanted to enjoy Delivery. The premise of four friends daring each other to do five minutes of stand-up even though they are neophytes is a good idea. Writer and director Mark Myers also went to Just For Laughs in 2012 and talked to quite a few comics appearing there (Russell Peters, Godfrey, Andy Kindler, Marc Maron to name a few), and he gets some very interesting answers to the kind of questions everyone would like to ask. Unfortunately, ... More

South Park - The Complete Seventeenth Season

The first episode of season 17 of South Park, “Let Go, Let Gov”, alone is worth the price of this two Blu-ray or DVD 10-episode set.  This parable about the government as God in an atheist world has so many superb moments you will want to watch it a few times to make sure you did not miss anything. The rest of the season is solid too and this from only a casual South Park fan. A close second cannot ... More


Scott Faulconbridge always delivers. It is no surprise then his second independent comedy CD Scottland features a solid performance anyone can enjoy. I am sure the comic is fully aware of the irony of the opening track which is a ditty about basic stand-up premises like married sex is lame and so on. The heart of Scottland is material about being married and being a father. What makes it work is the listener connects to the comic right off the ... More

The Goldbergs - The Complete First Season

Some sitcoms go under your personal radar for a while. Such is the case for The Goldbergs. Watching  The Complete First Season 3 DVD set made me put this show on the must watch list next season.  It has been a while since prime time TV had an easy listening family based sitcom.  Think The Wonder Years meets the eighties –there is a callback to the swing scene in the pilot-- and a Jewish mother and you basically have The ... More

It was ok, an album of comedy

If you like dark, nihilist stand-up, you are definitely going to enjoy David Heti's CD or download It Was OK. It is not perfect but the pros more than outweigh the cons and the material is strong enough to warrant repeated listenings. This is a self-determined contribution release if you get it through the comic's website where it comes with a video version or $9.99 through Itunes. Heti sounds rather unsure of himself for the first quarter of the show. ... More

Can We Afford This Much Despair?

One of the narrative threads in Adam Quesnell's CD and MP3 album Can We Afford This Much Despair is he still has a day job. His work stories are convincing but I do not believe this guy is not doing stand-up comedy full time. There is something slightly off kilter and unusual about his material that makes his rather standard range of topics more interesting and the performance definitely worth your while.There are a couple of particularly smart bits in ... More

Community The Complete Fifth Season

Five seasons in and Community is still a fun to watch sitcom. Season five features a couple of major changes. One is Jeff becomes a teacher at Glendale, the other is a spoiler. A minor change that has a very positive effect is the addition of Professor Buzz Hickey played by Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad).  Community The Complete Fifth Season features 13 episodes on 2 DVD.As is tradition, there is a very special episode in season 5. ... More

Mating Season

As the title of Shane Mauss' 2014 MP3 album Mating Season suggests the comic focuses on relationships. This may not be the most original topic for stand-up but Mauss makes it interesting, funny, and generally original. Mauss is a comic you cannot but enjoy.The show opens with some biographical material about the comic's past jobs but he quickly moves on to males vs. females both human and animal. Mauss elegantly balances between both animal courtship and human sexual attraction. His ... More

100% Half-Assed

Ian Edwards' 100% Half-Assed is the first comedy album released on Conan O'Brien's Team Coco label. It was a very good choice. Edwards is a solid comic whose material appeals to a wide adult audience. It is (on the date this review was written) not available on Amazon but you can get it download it for 5$ at the Team Coco website. Good luck finding the link though if you do not immediately land on records.teamcoco.comEdwards is obviously a bit ... More

Tosh.O Vol. 4 collas plus exposed arms

Tosh.0 is an amusing Comedy Central TV show where comic Daniel Tosh presents various web videos and makes fun of them. He sometimes also gives one of the people in a given video a chance at redemption by inviting him or her on the show and having fun in a segment titled Web Rematch. Tosh.0  Volume 4: collas plus exposed arms features 21 such episodes on 2 blu-ray discs.This is not a show you can binge watch as both the ... More