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Letterkenny - Starts Feb. 7th on CraveTV

Letterkenny is a sitcom that debuts February 7th on Crave TV, the Canadian subscription channel available on Chromecast or Apple TV and at (but unfortunately not on ROKU which I think outclasses any other similar device). Letterkenny is most definitely worth scheduling and watching. It is weird, original, funny, different, and easy to get hooked on.The show stars Jared Keeso as Wayne and Nathan Dales as Daryl who are two guys who hang around a roadside vegetable stand. Daryl ... More


Jon Berahya's Sketchville has everything you expect in a good sketch comedy CD. The acting and writing talent is obvious as  are the production values. If you like studio recorded sketch comedy, you are going to really enjoy this release.The CD opens with Eastwood Deli owned by the hard ass himself. YourTV is probably prescient in how you can attend neighborhood events by watching them on TV in the comfort of your home. There is something very Monty Python level ... More

Top 5 Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons is one of the all-time most beloved shows, captivating millions for 25 years, and with 26 series’ and 565 episodes under its belt, it is better than ever. Everybody has their favourite classic Simpsons episodes, but which have we picked as the top 5? Check out our choices below.Who Shot Mr Burns? - 1995Technically this classic was a two-parter, marking the last episode of series 6 and the ... More

For Brian Out Loud

There is not a single bad joke on Brian Stollery second album For Brian Out Loud. Stollery is a mostly clean, quick delivery comic whose interests and topics vary wildly from one short bit to another. This keeps the audience on its toes and interested all the way through this 45-minute set. For Brian Out Loud is going to make our top 10 list for 2015 (when I get around to it).Stollery cuts a wide swath: The woman who used ... More


Though I enjoyed Voyageur, I am well aware a younger reviewer than I will enjoy it much more. Mikey Manker is in his early thirties and the biographical and observational material on this stand-up comedy MP3 album is aimed at that general target of an audience. At the same time, I can appreciate the fact Manker is original and funny.I was really impressed by the misdirection based “Wax On”, the second track on this comedy album. The first third of ... More

Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues by Matt Gubser is a keeper and the kind of MP3 comedy album you keep on top of your rotation. Gubser is smart, perceptive, and has a dark side. All things I like in a comic.The album opens with material about his being a single dad though he claims to not be a very good one. There are quite a few very good moments in this section but the explanation he gives his daughter of the greater sociological ... More

Large and In Charge

Within the following limitations, George Wallace Large and In Charge is an entertaining comedy MP3 album. One, it is the soundtrack to a video oriented performance so there is a moment at the beginning and at the end where the listener is left wondering a bit. Two, this is a reissue of an album first released in 2004 so a number of references are dated.The best moments on this album are what Wallace is best known for: observations on things ... More

One-Headed Beast

David Huntsberger One-Headed Beast is groundbreaking. At first I hesitated to use the word. It is an important comment and who am I to apply it? I think thirty years of listening and watching stand-up comedy give me some credence. An all animation stand-up show is, I think, a game changer.Somebody has finally figured out a stand-up performance can be much more than some comic speaking standing up. That guy is Huntsberger. The DVD for One-Headed Beast features two tracks, ... More

Cornucopias Are Actually Horrible Containers

The debut album from comic Sheng Wang interestingly titled "Cornucopias Are Actually Horrible Containers" has been released from All Things Records.  All Things Records is the recording branch of All Things Comedy, which is a unique company in that it is owned and operated by the comics themselves.  Much like Louis CK's approach to distribution, the All Things Comedy website highlights that this business model "gives comics not only the opportunity to create the content they think is funny but ... More

The Family Secret starring Baby Peggy (1924)

Restoring movies from the silent film era is one thing. Writing music for these restored films is a whole other thing. This is what Ben Model does. I am a fan of his work and his latest work just proves this guy must be the reincarnation of some twenties' theatre organist. The Family Secret, the third Undercrank Productions release, features child star Baby Peggy (Diana Sera Cary) in the title feature as well as in two shorts: Circus Clowns and ... More

South Park - The Complete Eighteenth Season

If you do not know what South Park is, welcome to planet Earth and please stop giving us free colonoscopies.Season 18 of South Park features quite a few episodes that will remain fan favorites for a long time.The best of these is Go Fund Yourself where the show takes on the Washington Redskins brand. This is satire at its very best.The season is quite topical. The town goes gluten free, Cartman decides he is transginger so he can get his ... More

Alive From Martha s Vineyard

The money from Charlie Nadler Alive From Martha's Vineyard is going to a charity called Alex's Place. That's nice but whatever. What is reason enough is Nadler gives a solid and very entertaining half-hour performance. The donation seems to be a voluntary amount, I suggest the 9.99 you would pay for an mp3 album on Amazon.Nadler is a biographical comic with some observational tones. It is to his disadvantage on this album that the ... More