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American Degenerate

Jim Norton is back with another special, American Degenerate.  Just like his last special, Please Be Offended, this new special also premiered on the Epix streaming video service, and will soon be available in CD and MP3 format.Norton is a master of “cringe style” comedy, and American Degenerate is his 7th special (six audio albums and one DVD-only special).  At this point, I wonder if there is any stand-up comedy fan alive who is a fan of cringe style comedy ... More

Chosen and Taken

Elon Gold is a multitalented comic. This is quite obvious listening to his comedy mp3 album Chosen and Taken. Though the show gets off to a rough start with a hack bit involving “a quick show of breasts” Gold quickly resets the bar at a higher, more interesting level that makes this release worth the price. For those who care, there are a couple of f-words but not enough to be noticeable.Gold is an observational comic at heart. This is ... More

Gateway Doug 2: Forced Fun

Doug Benson is back with his yearly album, which he, as the reigning king of stoner comics, records every April 20, or 420. My review of his two previous albums, Gateway Doug and Smug Life are linked here below.  MP3 album at AmazonGateway Doug 2: Forced Fun is, as Benson explains, a “sequel” to last year's album Gateway Doug, an idea he developed while watching the plethora of recent movie sequels that have been released.Before diving in to the meat ... More

Make Me Wanna Holla

Sinbad fans will probably enjoy his latest DVD but Make Me Wanna Holla is not going to get him many new fans. Sinbad is a funny guy but a very unfocused funny guy. This means the premises take a while to develop to a punch line if they do at all. Some call this free flow, I call this messy.Make Me Wanna Holla opens and closes with a musical number. They are good but more the comic indulging himself. Sinbad ... More

A Number of Bits

Alex Nussbaum's A Number of Bits is the perfect comedy album to take on a long trip. This may be an odd comment but I think an easy to listen to, audience friendly, clean, and very varied set that bears repeated listenings is the kind of mp3 I would take on the road or on a trip. This is exactly what Nussbaum delivers here.Nussbaum does not reinvent anything here but he has a great talent for doing very short bits ... More

Born to Jog

Wolfbot's Born to Jog is a different kind of comedy CD. Studio performances are not really my cup of tea so any review of such work must be taken with a grain of salt.Born to Jog sounds like two comics (Chris Hopkins, Jon Berahya, Josh Hand) in a studio having a series of off the cuff conversations on different topics. These range from the idea of Albert Einstein as an intern to John Cougar Mellencamp changing names. Other tracks are ... More

Evolution - The Best of Slagle Vol. 1

A different yardstick is used here for comedy greatest hits albums. Are the various routines truly hits? In the case of Evolution: The Best of Slagle Vol. 1 the answer is absolutely. Have all the bits aged well? In this case, not all of them.  Overall though, this is a solid bang for your entertainment dollar.Evolution Vol. 1 is not a collection of bits culled from other albums but a set where Slagle performs his best material. This is good ... More

Just Another Clown

The only thing wrong with Geoff Tate's new comedy album is it's too short. 49 minutes is a pretty good length for an album but I wanted more, much more. Guess I'll just have to wait patiently for the next one: C'mon, Tate, what's taking so long?Just Another Clown opens with some biographical material centered on dating, especially on the internet. Tate's decoding of expressions used on dating sites is funny as hell. This segues very elegantly into the second ... More


Steve Byrne is the writer and lead of the TBS sitcom Sullivan & Son. You might not want to base your decision on whether or not to get his stand-up comedy MP3 album Champion on that fact alone. While Byrne opens with some nice, safe material about the many questions asked of you at the cash when you buy something, his set quickly moves towards much more adult and controversial material. The last third of the album is solid relationship ... More

Workaholics Season 4

I forget how totally weird, absurd, and usually fun to watch the Comedy Central series Workaholics is until I get the next season box set.  Season 4 of Workaholics features 13 very strange episodes on 2 Blu-ray discs.  If you are a fan of the show, you are going to enjoy it. If you are unfamiliar with this show and like bizarre, frat-boyish comedy, you just have to try it.To give you an idea of the show and season 4, ... More

Irish Goodbye

Cindy Lauper's “She's so unusual” tag kept coming to mind while listening to Morgan Murphy's comedy mp3 album Irish Goodbye. Murphy has so many kinds of bits and different tones you are kept off balance and constantly surprised.  This is an album where a listener will find something new listening after listening.Murphy goes for the dark/absurd bit like her mother telling her she is worthless while beating her with her trophie, quick one-liners such as “I did not drink the ... More

Small, Dork, and Handsome

Myq Kaplan is back with his third full-length comedy album (fourth if you count his collaborative effort with Micah Sherman called “Please Be Seated”).  His latest effort, called Small, Dork and Handsome, finds Kaplan on a new comedy label -- New Wave Dynamics.The album opens with “In conclusion, a joke about time travel. But first, everything else..." Those familiar with Kaplan will find immediate comfort in hearing that opening joke, realizing that what is in store for them is more ... More