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28 October 2016
in the UK
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Solid Gold

Know the audience you are recording your album in front of. Amy Miller is well aware of this rule I just made up and uses it to her full advantage in her first stand up comedy MP3 album Solid Gold. Miller is a very good and interesting comic who knows how to tell a story but it is the way she toys with the Portland, Oregon audience and its many sensitivities that make this album.Miller sets the tone right off ... More

Live & Uncensored

 BSeenMedia, a company with a great ear for comedic talent (such as Patrice O’Neal and Myq Kaplan) is back with a new release from Ben Bailey called “Live & Uncensored,” which is available as a digital download or a DVD.Bailey is a comic that heavily relies on one of my favorite “types” of comedy – the complete deconstruction of language.  He takes everyday words and phrases, and picks them apart in hilarious ways.  The opening track “Thanks for Coming Out” ... More

Debut Second Album

I would pay good money to see Charlie Nadler live. If you pay good money to get his Debut Second Album MP3 at his website you will not only get thirty-some minutes of solid stand-up but the money will go to Alex's Place in Oak Bluffs, MA so you can feel good about donating too. Most important for this reviewer though is you are getting solid comedy for your buck.Nadler is a biographical comic with a talent for some very ... More

Fool Disclosure

If only for the opening track Bank Routine where JJ Whitehead gets into an argument with a bank employee as to whether or not he is JJ Whitehead Fool Disclosure is a keeper. The rest of Fool Disclosure is also solid if you favor biographical comics. Personally, it depends on the comic's stage persona and Whitehead comes across as a fun guy so this comedy MP3 album works for me. This said, I am beyond JJ Whitehead target demographic of ... More


I am a guest reviewer on this site, and have been for a couple years.  The owner of this site, as readers likely know, lives in Canada.  I live in the United States.  I have no ownership interest in this site, and I make no money from providing reviews.  I do it simply because I love stand-up comedy, and have for the better part of my 44 years on this planet.I mention that because we had a little election here ... More

Almond Badoody

Ahmed Bharoocha's album is definitely going on our 2016 Top 10 Comedy Album list. Almond Badoody is a superb, witty, original, hilarious collection of observational and biographical bits by a stand-up comic who really knows how to set up material and tell a joke. You have never heard a comic quite like Bharoocha.After the standard comic with the unusual name complains about his name being mangled bit, Bharoocha hits them out of the park one after the other. Crows and ... More

Don t Wake the Bear

Don't Wake the Bear is an excellent stand-up comedy CD you never get tired of playing. Dan Cummins is funny from beginning to end on this album. He cuts a wide swath of topics from gun control to what happens when you sleep naked and closes with a bedtime story for modern times and realistic parents.All the routines on this CD or MP3 album are rock solid. My personal favorite is The Binky Queen, a story about how clever his ... More

Bubba The Redneck Werewolf

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf is ahoooooooootttttt!  I haven't had this much consistent fun watching a DVD in a long time. This funny as hell comedy proves beyond a doubt it is possible to make a low budget movie and still have great acting, solid writing, and an attention to detail that allows for some great background gags such as the Cownado movie poster. B-movies usually appeal to a particular crowd but even those who like foreign films in a language ... More


Flip Schultz always gives a good show. Our many reviews of his past releases atttest to that. Aside from its rather gimmicky title, his 2016 release Flipzophrenic is an excellent comedy album where a comic in very fine form has as much fun on stage as the audience has watching him and as you will listening to it.Schultz is blessed by the god of comedy right off the bat with Brad and Tiffany, a couple who have been going out ... More


Sometimes the reviewer is just plain wrong. It took me a long time, a month and a half or so, to figure it out but there you go. I can not get into JT Habersaat's comedy MP3 album –also available as a CD and DVD set-- and it has nothing to to with Habersaat. Habersaat is a solid comic and Misanthrope is a good album. I need some kind of thread or train of thought to follow within the show ... More

Graves - Epix Oct. 16th

If Nick Nolte does not get at least a nod for the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series there is something wrong with the world. In the Epix situation comedy Graves Nolte plays a former two-term Republican President who ruled during more or less the real-life Clinton years. He is now retired and spends his time giving speeches to favorable audiences. One day, he is forced to look back at his presidency and sees how much damage he ... More

Puppies & Heroin

Puppies & Heroin is the perfect title for a comedy album where a roomfull of nice Lake Wobegon type Minnesotans meet a New-Yawk Eyetalian former heroin addict stand-up comic. I have never heard anything quite like it. DeStefano immediately goes for the jugular, telling his audience they are so nice that it hides the fact they are full of shit evil f-cks and when they do not quite get on board says that he is right and they should appreciate ... More