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28 October 2016
in the UK
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Graves - Epix Oct. 16th

If Nick Nolte does not get at least a nod for the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series there is something wrong with the world. In the Epix situation comedy Graves Nolte plays a former two-term Republican President who ruled during more or less the real-life Clinton years. He is now retired and spends his time giving speeches to favorable audiences. One day, he is forced to look back at his presidency and sees how much damage he ... More

Puppies & Heroin

Puppies & Heroin is the perfect title for a comedy album where a roomfull of nice Lake Wobegon type Minnesotans meet a New-Yawk Eyetalian former heroin addict stand-up comic. I have never heard anything quite like it. DeStefano immediately goes for the jugular, telling his audience they are so nice that it hides the fact they are full of shit evil f-cks and when they do not quite get on board says that he is right and they should appreciate ... More

Semi-Prominent Negro

W. Kamau Bell's latest comedy MP3 album and CD digital album Semi-Prominent Negro is out now (Sept 30th, 2016) on the Kill Rock Stars label, a label that is quickly making a substantial name for itself in the stand-up comedy arena.Since Donald Trump's announcement that he wanted to become President of the United States, there have been 14.6 trillion jokes made about him; I counted.  I ran each of those jokes through my patented joke-ometer, and I can tell you ... More

South Park Season 19

South Park 19 rips the veil (unless of course your are Muslim then the veil is okay … not … is) on Political Correctness and its ultimate nefarious goal. Until now, all South Park seasons had a couple of dud episodes. This is not the case for South Park Season 19 because the 10 episodes have Political Correctness as a common thread and the story lines follow from episode to episode. What makes season 19 is the episode 7 reveal ... More

The Comedian s Guide to Survival

The Comedian's Guide to Survival is a superb phantasmagorical comedy about James Mullinger, a comedian trying to make it in the stand-up comedy world,  where an actor (James Buckley) plays Mullinger and Mullinger has a cameo as an superstar comic. The humor in this biomockumentary is off-kilter from its premise of an unsuccessful comic interviewing successful comics while trying to understand what makes him bad and them good to its closing where Jimmy Carr introduces Mullinger but it is James ... More

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

I  highly recommend Popstar:Never Stop Never Stopping to every one I know or more or less know and maybe even strangers even if I don't like Andy Samberg much. This mockumentary about the rise and fall of a white boy hip hop / rap star is funny from beginning to end. It is the This Is Spinal Tap of its time and genre.A lot of the success of this comedy is due to The Lonely Island comedy group (Samberg, Taccone, ... More


Rob Pue is a very busy Canadian comic. That may explain why it has taken a while for his first stand-up comedy CD to come out. Puegilist was worth the wait. Puegilist starts out with two superb routines. The first is how UGG boots are the white flag of fashion. This is followed by the routine that makes the album: Pue lives next to a school for the deaf and speculates as to how they call the kids back in ... More

The Nice Guys - Ryan Gossling and Russell Crowe

There will be a sequel to The Nice Guys. At least that is what one of the special features on the Blu-ray version of this noir comedy strongly suggests. That is way cool and I can't wait. The Nice Guys is a superb mix of the buddy movie and film noir. Something like Chinatown meets the first two Lethal Weapon (also writtten by Shane Black who co-wrote and directed this movie) though saying The Nice Guys is like something else ... More

Workaholics Season 6

The first two episodes of Comedy Central's Workaholics Season 6 feature a who's who of horrible comics: Andy Dick, Pauly Shore, and Dane Cook. The fact this sitcom about three slackers working a call center can rise above these guest says a lot about the show. Workaholics is one of those shows you either get or don't. I do.The show has not changed much since the season 1 episode 1. Anders, Blake, and Adam are thirty-somethings who are content working ... More


Rhea Butcher is a comic, lesbian, valet, butch, vegetarian, Target employee, man, thirteen-year old boy, cat lover but dog owner, former Jodie Foster look-alike, hillbillly, only child with lots of board games, and baseball player people think plays softball. All of this is why her comedy album Butcher is so unique and relatable. It is also funny as hell.Being straight (I was born that way so there you go) I have often been a little less interested in comedy albums ... More

Mainstream American Comic

Hari Kondabolu's latest digital album, Mainstream American Comic, is out now on the Kill Rock Stars label.Kondabolu is perhaps best known for his political and social comedy on shows such as the now cancelled Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.  If that is the type of comedy you are looking for, you will certainly find plenty of it on Mainstream American Comic.But, what Kondabolu knows very well (and unfortunately what many political and social comics seem to miss) is that ... More

Not Special

As he admits in one of the tracks on Not Special, Dan Soder has the voice of a serial killer. He also has one hell of a funny story about when he was 8 and  went to Christian summer camp convinced he was the devil. That bit alone is worth the price of this stand-up comedy MP3 album (it is also available as a video). The segments about being raised by a single mom are also worth buying the albumSoder ... More