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The Jim Gaffigan Show Season 1

The Jim Gaffigan Show is an excellent sitcom. It is also really hard to pigeonhole. The comedy focuses on positive family values but some of the language and incidents are adult oriented and the focus of the stories is on the adults in the show and their misadventures. Though Gaffigan sometimes comes across as a stand-up comic who does rather facile material, the story lines featured in the 11 Season One episodes of The Jim Gaffigan Show are quite original, ... More

Tiny Idiot

Tiny Idiot by Derek Sheen smashes through the babble of comedy albums being released these days and affirms its originality.  Aside from the supposedly funny, and self-indulgent if you ask me, answering machine message intro and outro everything here is worthy of repeated listening. This is an album that will always sound fresh. The rest of this review is a feeble attempt to get across what kind of stand-up Sheen does that does not really do it justice. The only ... More

Hot In Cleveland - Season 6

As Melanie mentions at the opening of Hot In Cleveland Season 6, Season 5 ended with Joy (Jane Leeves) having to pick between three proposals, Victoria won an Oscar, and Elka (Betty White) was elected on Cleveland City Council. The first episode of the last season of this very entertaining situation comedy resolves these hanging plot points so the show can move on. Though I had found this sitcom getting long in the tooth in season 5, season 6 features ... More

Newfie Octopus

Derek Seguin is an original. Not only because he is a Quebecois comic doing stand-up in English but because there is something different about how he believes life approaches him. The first thing you will notice about Seguin is he sounds like the Looney Tunes' Blacque Jacque Shellaque. It makes for an interesting stage persona: it allows him to be as ribald as he wants because English swear words to not mean anything in French and it gives him a ... More

Marriage Material

Cameron Esposito’s "Marriage Material" is her third full-length album, and also her first video special.  The album version is available on most streaming sites, and for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.  The video version is, at least as of the time of this writing, exclusive to SeeSo, NBC's new streaming comedy service.Esposito is definitely in the crop of my favorite young comics working today.  Those who read a lot of my reviews may recognize that I frequently refer to comics ... More

Live From Radio City Music Hall

I very much enjoyed Brian Regan Live From Radio City Music Hall. Considering the fact my taste and interest for stand-up comedy has fallen quite a bit lately, this is a bit of an accomplishment. I would not go as far as the blub on the back of this Comedy Central DVD and say “Brian Regan reinvigorates comedy” but he does give a solid, clean, and very entertaining show.Regan does touch upon the usual comedy tropes of doctors, hotels, and ... More

Night at the Stand

A few months back I reviewed the debut album from comic Sheng Wang on the All Things Records label. As I mentioned at the time, All Things Records is the recording branch of All Things Comedy, which is a unique company in that it is owned and operated by the comics themselves. I really have a lot of respect for this company and its approach to distribution, and have been looking forward to more releases from them.Now I have the ... More

Letterkenny - Starts Feb. 7th on CraveTV

Letterkenny is a sitcom that debuts February 7th on Crave TV, the Canadian subscription channel available on Chromecast or Apple TV and at (but unfortunately not on ROKU which I think outclasses any other similar device). Letterkenny is most definitely worth scheduling and watching. It is weird, original, funny, different, and easy to get hooked on.The show stars Jared Keeso as Wayne and Nathan Dales as Daryl who are two guys who hang around a roadside vegetable stand. Daryl ... More


Jon Berahya's Sketchville has everything you expect in a good sketch comedy CD. The acting and writing talent is obvious as  are the production values. If you like studio recorded sketch comedy, you are going to really enjoy this release.The CD opens with Eastwood Deli owned by the hard ass himself. YourTV is probably prescient in how you can attend neighborhood events by watching them on TV in the comfort of your home. There is something very Monty Python level ... More

Top 5 Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons is one of the all-time most beloved shows, captivating millions for 25 years, and with 26 series’ and 565 episodes under its belt, it is better than ever. Everybody has their favourite classic Simpsons episodes, but which have we picked as the top 5? Check out our choices below.Who Shot Mr Burns? - 1995Technically this classic was a two-parter, marking the last episode of series 6 and the ... More

For Brian Out Loud

There is not a single bad joke on Brian Stollery second album For Brian Out Loud. Stollery is a mostly clean, quick delivery comic whose interests and topics vary wildly from one short bit to another. This keeps the audience on its toes and interested all the way through this 45-minute set. For Brian Out Loud is going to make our top 10 list for 2015 (when I get around to it).Stollery cuts a wide swath: The woman who used ... More


Though I enjoyed Voyageur, I am well aware a younger reviewer than I will enjoy it much more. Mikey Manker is in his early thirties and the biographical and observational material on this stand-up comedy MP3 album is aimed at that general target of an audience. At the same time, I can appreciate the fact Manker is original and funny.I was really impressed by the misdirection based “Wax On”, the second track on this comedy album. The first third of ... More