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Comedy Reviews - CD

Alvin and the Chipmunks - Undeniable Funny Song CD: I doubt these are the original Alvin and the Chipmunks but they do great funny songs

Kacey JOnes - Nipples To The Wind: Soundtrack from the stage show Nipples To The Wind

Maria Bamford - The Burning Bridges Tour: Her first CD and one of the good ones

Skull Fest 2012 - Laughing Skull - 9 mp3 comedy albums: An excellent series of albums and not a bad one in the bunch.

Urban Myth Comedy Storytelling CD - Various Artists: Okay but not more than that. Includes Big Jay Oakerson, D.C. Benny, Vic Henley, Dean Edwards, Jess Wood, and Ben Bailey

Voltaire - Ooky Spooky: Weird, very weird funny song CD. Worth listening to a sample or two.

James Adomian - Low Hangin Fruit: a well-crafted hour of stand-up

Peter Aguero - Graphicvulgarlunacy Vol. II: Jacoby Appliance Parts: Could have been very good, too discursive

Ahmed Ahmed - I Believe I Can t Fly: Ahmed Ahmed is a very good stand-up comic. Perhaps you know him because he was on The View, in the extra features section of Michael Moore s Fahrenheit 9/11, or because he was on many talk shows because he is Muslim and, well, it s something people pay attention to.

Keith Alberstadt - It s Pronounced Jenkins: As solid a comedy CD as you can get

Erik Allen - Your Feature Performer Is Wasted: Short --30 minutes-- but very enjoyable CD with drunk me / sober me stories.

Jeff Allen - Bananas: Well, somebody?s finally done it: Somebody has managed to insert an infomercial or two on a comedy CD. They have the gall to call this an enhanced CD.

Jeff Allen - Happy Wife, Happy Life: Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited is an absolute must have comedy CD

Jeff Allen - Lock the Door: Talent and experience shows. This is true on this stand-up comedy CD and at a comedy club when the comic walks on the stage and after no more than a joke you know you are in for a good time.

Woody Allen - Stand-up Comic: Woody Allen comedy CD is definitely a must have of classic stand-up

Bob Alper - Guaranteed Funny 101 Totally Clean Jokes: Guaranteed Funny 101 Totally Clean Jokes on one CD sounds like a gimmick. It is not.

Bob Alper - Rabbi / Stand-up Comic (Really): Rabbi and stand-up comic doesn't sound like a funny combination but it is.

American Comedy Box: Great but nor perfect comedy anthology

Morey Amsterdam - The Next One Will Kill You: Dick Van Dyke co-star does jokes to musical background.

Cy Amundson - Lovesick in Toledo: there is something original in how comic Cy Amundson brings the audience in on his jokes.

Andy Andrist - Dumb It Down For The Masses: for those who like their comedy when it bites them in the ass

Scott Angrave - No Shit, Sherlock: Scott Angrave is one clever and funny comic. When Brits come to Montreal for the annual Just For Laughs comedy festival they go to great lengths to adapt their language to North American norms while still trying to keep that British flavour.

Ant - Follow My Ass: a solid twelve-minute set on a fifty-some minutes comedy CD.

Louis Ashamallah - Me And My (5:00) Shadow - stand-up comedy CD: Pretty good first stand-up comedy CD by comic of Egyptian background.

Tracey Ashley - Two First Names: an enjoyable stand-up comedy CD

Dave Attell - Skanks For The Memories: CD by a raunchy stand-up comic who works the dark side of comedy

Ben Bailey - Ben Bailey Blvd: This is a good comedy CD that unfortunately suffers from its very average sound quality.

Ben Bailey - Live & Uncensored: Other than the odd title and warning, this is an excellent album, funny throughout, and one you will keep in your comedy rotation.

Maria Bamford - Ask Me About My New God!: in the not-so-humble opinion of this reviewer, one of the funniest and most amazingly brilliant comics working today.

Maria Bamford - Ask Me About My New God! Julianna s review: A third just as positive review for this comedy CD and DVD set

Maria Bamford - Ask Me About My New God! Richard s review: Excellent. Bamford is at the top of her game.

Maria Bamford - How To Win!: I really wanted to like this one and still wish I did.

Maria Bamford - Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome: Excellent. Comes with DVD with Maria Bamford Show webisodes

Nate Bargatze - Full Time Magic: Nate Bargatze is awesome. Seriously awesome. And he has a new album out called “Full Time Magic,” released by Comedy Central Records. Are you still reading this? Just go buy it. You won’t regret it.

Nate Bargatze - Yelled at by a Clown: my first thought was instant classic comedy mp3 album

Nate Bargatze - Yelled at by a Clown - Richard s review: The other reviewer liked it more.

Arj Barker - LYAO: Brilliant. It's not 2010 yet and this will be on the 2010 top 10 list

Greer Barnes - See What I m Saying: Comic from Chapelle Show and In Living Color but too many dick jokes

Todd Barry - Falling Off The Bone: Very good comedy CD

Todd Barry - From Heaven: Mild mannered comic with absurd look on life. Really different, good stuff.

Todd Barry - Medium Energy: an easy listening stand-up comedy CD

Todd Barry - Super Crazy: Very good 2012 stand-up comedy CD

Chuck Bartell - Der Humor: Ventriloquist voiced one-liners 150 of them and very funny.

Beards of Comedy - Cardio Mix: 4 different comics make for good comedy mp3 album.

Killer Beaz - Don't Ever Touch Anybody You Don't Know: Very entertaining Blue Collar Comedy style

Johnny Beehner - Tiny Wiener: Very good easy to listen to stand-up.

W. Kamau Bell - Semi-Prominent Negro: fantastic. a one-liner delivered by W. Kamau Bell is the best I have heard -- "Trump is like that nagging cough that turns into full-blown AIDS." Simply perfect.

Richard Belzer - Another Lone Nut: A hit and miss comedy CD (sort of like the Kennedy thing)

Owen Benjamin - High Five Til It Hurts - CD and DVD set: Good but not memorable.

Doug Benson - Gateway Doug: If you’re already a Benson fan, you will love it. If you’re not already a Benson fan, you may not even like it

Doug Benson - Gateway Doug 2: Forced Fun: So, if you are already a Benson fan, go ahead and pick this up. You will anyway, regardless of what I say in this review. If you are not already a fan of Benson, picking any of his prior six albums would be a much, much better choice.

Doug Benson - Hypocritical Oaf - CD / DVD set: Pretty good, better if you lioke 420 comedy

Doug Benson - Potty Mouth CD and DVD set: a very funny stand-up comedy CD

Doug Benson - Smug Life: Uncooked and Cooked version of the same general material. a good album for casual and an even better album for hardcore stand-up and/or Benson fans.

Doug Benson - Unbalanced Load: Title says it all

Jon Berahya - Sketchville: Solid sketch comedy CD

Shelley Berman - Live At The Improv: Good stand-up comedy but the same release as the K-Tel and Laugh’s Shelley Berman Live Again!

Sandra Bernhard - Everything Bad & Beautiful: Good small label comedy CD of sorts by an original artiste.

Lisa Best - Brain Bank: Even if the sound quality still gets on my nerves, Lisa Best Brain Bank is a CD or MP3 album I strongly recommend to anybody looking for a strong new voice in comedy.

John Beuhler - Baby Teeth (2003): Very good sometimes adult audience but not crude stand-up

John Beuhler - Conventional Weapons: Solid release by a wide-ranging comic.

Danny Bevins - A Different Kind Of Bad: aside from the sound quality (and more on that later) this is a very good 45 some minutes performance by Danny Bevins

Danny Bevins - A Different Kind of Bad - Stand Up! Records: Major label re-release of smart comedy CD

Ahmed Bharoocha - Almond Badoody: definitely going on our 2016 Top 10 Comedy Album list

Jeffrey James Binney - Once Is Enough: Big guy decides to do an ultramarathon. Inspiring and funny with other bits of stand-up part of the mix.

Mike Birbiglia - Dog Years: Dog Years is a decent independent release comedy CD

Mike Birbiglia - My Girlfriend s Boyfriend: stop reading this review and go buy Birbiglia s new special

Mike Birbiglia - My Secret Public Journal Live: Fourth stand-up comedy CD by Mike Birbiglia and I m not a fan.

Mike Birbiglia - Sleepwalk With Me Live: Superb long form stand-up one man show.

Lewis Black - Anticipation: The best Lewis Black CD so far and a classic already

Lewis Black - In God We Rust - Brett Watson review: left me feeling refreshed and ready for another, juicier comedy special.

Lewis Black - In God We Rust - Richard s review: Pretty good with solid routines on Farmville and the Tea Party

Lewis Black - Lewis Black The Carnegie Hall Performances: an almost excellent 2 CD set of stand-up comedy by Lewis Black

Lewis Black - Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues: Taped June 18, 2004 at the, you guessed it Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center, this is yet another solid Lewis Black comedy CD. It contains the same kind of dark, edgy, adult oriented humor featured on previous CDs like Rules Of Enragement, The End of the Universe, and the eponymous The White Album.

Lewis Black - Rules Of Enragement: A great stand-up comedy CD. Black at the top of his game.

Lewis Black - Stark Raving Black CD Version: Decent and a bit generic Lewis Black CD.

Lewis Black - The Prophet: recorded in 1990 and maybe funny 21 years ago

Michael Ian Black - I Am A Wonderful Man: Pretty decent comedy CD by comic who needs a bit more life experience.

Michael Ian Black - Very Famous: Banal stand-up

Michael Ian Black - Very Famous - Joe Schneider Review: Very Famous has a lot to offer in terms of goofy stories

Tommy Blaze - I Love You, Now Shut Up: It all sounds like stuff a comedy fan has heard more often than not but Blaze has found a way to make the whole thing a memorable experience.

Blue Collar Comedy - The Best of Blue Collar Comedy: Only if you do not already have the previous two CDs

Blue Collar Comedy - The Next Generation CD: This ain t like Star Trek

Josh Blue - Good Josh, Bad Arm: Excellent first stand-up comedy CD

Alonzo Bodden - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time: Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time is a must have, very funny stand-up comedy CD

Erma Bombeck - The Family That Plays Together ...: 1977 public performance by a great American humorist

Bowser and Blue - Pull My Finger: Bowser and Blue are Canada s most famous performers of humorous songs. Proof is Pull My Finger

Bowser and Blue - The Illustrated Canadian Songbook: Listening to The Illustrated Canadian Songbook is something you never tire of (unlike many other funny song CDs)

Matt Braunger - Shovel Fighter:

Kurt Braunohler - How Do I Land?: Who cares if he lands...

Brobdingnagian Bards - A Faire To Remember: As funny song comedy CDs goes, this release by the Brobdingnagian Bards is definitely on the unusual side

Dylan Brody - A Twist of the Wit: Meh

Dylan Brody - A Twist of the Wit - Joe Schneider Review: Also meh

Dylan Brody - Brevity and True Enough: Humoristic essay CDs, one live, one in studio.

Dylan Brody - Chronological Disorder: Raconteur and verbal perambulator is a matter of taste.

Lenny Bruce - Warning: Lenny Bruce Is Out Again: Warning: Lenny Bruce Is Out Again, an independent comedy CD that comprises the 10' release Warning, the 12' Lenny Bruce Is Out Again

T. Bubba - I m Confused: a good ol boy who tells funny jokes and stories

Hannibal Buress - Live From Chicago: Excellent comedy album

Hannibal Buress - My Name is Hannibal: Very good first comedy CD from deceptively laid back comic

Bo Burnham - Bo Burnham CD/DVD Set: If you like musical comedy this Comedy Central CD / DVD set will probably please.

Bo Burnham - Words, Words, Words - Joe Schneider review: Burnham masterfully plays a very upbeat piano while craftily contorting the English language.

Brendon Burns - Pompously Lectures Americans: Very enjoyable comedy mp3 and CD.

Bill Burr - Emotionally Unavailable: Emotionally Unavailable, the independent release stand-up comedy CD by Bill Burr, is absolutely solid.

Steve Burr - You re Not Recording This Are You?: Very good stand-up comedy CD of short bits.

Rhea Butcher - Back to Back - Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher: The audience liked this comedy show and if you are a fan of either or both comics so will you.

Rhea Butcher - Butcher: unique and relatable. It is also funny as hell.

Todd Butler - Goes Madly Off Live: Each track is a mix of stand-up comedy and funny song or story by Todd Butler.

Steve Byrne - Champion: overall a solid mp3 album but its scope in terms of tone leaves the listener feeling off-kilter.

Godfrey Cambridge - Ready Or Not ... Here s Godfrey Cambridge: Great sixties Black stand-up comedy that has survived very well.

Lee Camp - Chaos For The Weary: an excellent set by a great up-and-coming comedian

Lee Camp - Pepper Spray the Tears Away: just not enough funny content in this album

Lee Camp - Pepper Spray the Tears Away - Richard s review: Good but Camp could be much better.

Nick Cannon - Mr. Showbiz: Decent CD by Mr. Mariah Carey

John Caparulo - Come Inside Me - CD + DVD set: This is not a great album, but it is above-average, and one I think you will enjoy.

Jeff Capri - Funny 4 No Reason: As funny CDs go, Funny 4 No Reason by Jeff Capri is a little different from your standard offering

Carl Reiner Mel Brooks - 2000 Year Old Man: Uneven series of comedy CDs

George Carlin - Complaints And Grievances: This Carlin CD is just Bitching and Moaning By An Old Fart.

George Carlin - It s Bad For Ya - CD: George Carlin s swan song comedy CD is no turkey

George Carlin - Life Is Worth Losing: The George Carlin comedy CD that is going to rehabilitate him as still being one of the greats.

Rodney Carrington - Make It Christmas - Camouflage and Christmas Lights: Mostly generic Xmas ditties with two original songs.

Darren Carter - Shady Side: Overall, Darren Carter Shady Side is a good comedy CD

Maggie Cassella - Because I Said So: Overall, a very solid performance.

Kyle Cease - I Highly Recommend This: appropriate title for this comedy mp3 album

Kyle Cease - One Dimple: Good college circuit stand-up comic

Wyatt Cenac - Comedy Person: Excellent laid-back smooth stand-up

Henry Cho - What s That Clickin Noise?: Solid stand-up comedy CD

Margaret Cho - Revolution: Now, this, um, kind of stand-up, ah, delivery gets, like, tiresome, on, you know, Revolution

Faith Choyce - Sex, Drugs & Unicorns: Decent stand-up comedy; comic is better.

Louis CK - Hilarious - CD version: Most people like C.K. more than this reviewer

Louis CK - Hilarious - Schneider review: Hilarious but not his best

Louis CK - Word - Live at Carnegie Hall $5 download:

Bobby Collins - I Wanna Go Home: enjoyable overall, nothing really stands out

James P. Connolly - Master Plan: Second stand-up comedy CD from solid, original comic

James P. Connolly - Pure Polyester: A stand-up comic with the voice of Elvis? Meet James P. Connolly and his very good independent release comedy CD Pure Polyester.

John Conroy - White People Can Do Whatever They Want: Good first mp3 album.

Dane Cook - I Did My Best - Greatest Hits: Very good stuff and great for those new to comedy.

Dane Cook - Isolated Incident CD: 2009 Comedy Central CD shows Cook is maturing and getting better.

Dane Cook - Retaliation: a hell of a 2 comedy CD 1 DVD bang for your dollar

Dane Cook - Rough Around The Edges - Live at Madison Square Gardens: Dane Cook is Dane Cook and very good at it at Madison Square Gardens comedy CD / DVD set

Casey Corbin - Vampires Are Popular: Very enjoyable but uneven sound levels.

Pete Correale - Give It A Rest: Enjoyable collection of bits the comic is retiring.

Bill Cosby - 200 MPH: another classic though lesser-known Bill Cosby comedy CD

Bill Cosby - Bill Cosby Is A Funny Fellow, Right!: probably the Bill Cosby album or comedy cd everyone is most familiar contains his classic and memorable Noah bit comprised of Noah: Right! Noah: And The Neighbor, and Noah: Me And You, Lord.

Bill Cosby - Cosby And The Kids: The best Bill Cosby stand-up comedy CD compilation.

Bill Cosby - Far From Finished CD Version: The Master is in fine form and old school.

Bill Cosby - I Started Out As A Child: Contains Street Football and Lone Ranger, the rest of minor interest

Bill Cosby - Icon: Nothing new if you already have other Cosby CDs

Bill Cosby - It s True! It s True!: A high school student could have done a better job with an old cassette copy, a tin can, and a piece of string

Bill Cosby - Oh, Baby: another very good if different Cosby cd. 1991 on the Geffen label.

Bill Cosby - Revenge: Features three back-to-back absolute classics: Cool Covers, 9th Street Bridge, Buck Buck

Bill Cosby - The Bill Cosby Collection: contains some of his most offbeat and hard to find stand-up comedy bits.

Bill Cosby - The Very Best of Bill Cosby: definitely not the very best of Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby - To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With: Title track worth the price of the CD

Bill Cosby - When I Was A Kid: When I Was A Kid, originally released on the Uni label in 1971 and now available on Geffen, is a collection of childhood stories from Bill Cosby' s stand-up days after he left the Warner Brothers label.

Bill Cosby - Why Is There Air?: Bill Cosby comedy CD contains $75 Car, Shop, and other good stuff

Bill Cosby - Wonderfulness: Contains Chicken Heart, Go Karts, Tonsils and other good stuff

Nate Craig - Infinity: Very good indie comedy mp3 album

Lavell Crawford - Can A Brother Get Some Love - Richard Lanoie review: Good, better after you figure out what this stand-up comic is mumbling

Lavell Crawford - Can A Brother Get Some Love?: Pretty entertaining comedy MP3 album to a casual listener

Credibility Gap - A Great Gift Idea: Very good CD reissue of 70s sketch comedy with some timeless bits

Credibility Gap - The Bronze Age of Radio: Sixties sketch comedy CD

David Cross - Bigger and Blackerer - CD version: Very good, smart, and out of the ordinary stand-up comedy.

David Cross - It's Not Funny: if you like serious and intelligent comedy

Sean Cullen - Sean Cullen Live!: Fans will enjoy this one.

Dan Cummins - Chinese Affection: Only 30 minutes but definitely worth the price for this MP3

Dan Cummins - Don t Wake the Bear: an excellent stand-up comedy CD you never get tired of playing.

Dan Cummins - Hear This!: If you are not familiar with Cummins, start with this album, as of the three albums this is his most solid effort to date.

Chris D'Elia - White Male Black Comic: Solid college crowd comic

Ryan Dalton - I m Married, Let Me Tell You About It: Good stuff. Dalton does more than married guy stuff.

Damage Control Comedy - Christmas Is ... Cancelled: Excellent Christmas comedy CD

Damage Control Comedy - Santa's Crack: Santa's Crack by the Damage Control Comedy Crew is a very funny trashing of the season to be jolly.

Damage Control Comedy - Terror Tales - Halloween comedy: Excellent.

Damage Control Comedy - The Adventures of Johnny Buttnutt - Sketch Comedy: Third Damage Control sketch comedy CD and the only sketch comedy group I like.

Damage Control Comedy - The Da Vinci Commode: This fun CD has nothing to do with The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which, by the way, is a novel, people, a work of fiction, a made up story.

Rodney Dangerfield - No Respect: Classic comedy CD by one of the greats

Chad Daniels - Busy Being Awesome: Good, original stand-up CD

Chad Daniels - Natural Selection: The cream does rise to the top here.

Chad Daniels - You're The Best: Another review stating this is a 2012 top 10 comedy CD

Chad Daniels - You're The Best - Richard s review: Definitely on our 2012 Top Ten Comedy CD list.

Jack Dani - Jack Dani - Funny Song CD: Really good independent release funny song CD, even if it is uneven

Jim David - Eat Here and Get Gas: Very good, original, varied comedy by (gay) comic.

Jim David - Live From Jimville: Good comic with an old school rhythm.

Dov Davidoff - The Point Is ...: Good but too generic.

Pete Davidson - SMD: This album is hilarious, from start to finish. I laughed out loud for most of the album. It is that good.

Ellen DeGeneres - Taste This: Comedy of the mundane that is funny

DJ Demers - EP: Makes you want more as soon as possible.

Joe DeRosa - Return of the Son of Depression - MP3 album: is an average comedy MP3 album

Joe DeRosa - You Let Me Down: Joe DeRosa takes aim at just about every social irritant and hits each one dead center on his new stand-up comedy MP3 album

Joe DeRosa - You Will Die: I loved it. Every minute of this CD

Mike DeStefano - Ok Karma: OK

Mike DeStefano - Puppies & Heroin: Lake Wobegon type Minnesotans meet a New-Yawk Eyetalian former heroin addict stand-up comic for one hell of a wild and funny ride.

Joe DeVito - An Evening With Joe DeVito: makes for a fine evening of comedy indeed.

Andy Dick - Do Your Shows Always Suck?: Sucks is the key word for this stand-up comedy CD

Becky Donohue - Partly Yelling With A Chance Of Breakdown: Very good independent release comedy CD with some sound reservations.

Denis Donohue - Unholy War: Almost great but a bit short and tinny

Andres Du Bouchet - Naked Trampoline Hamlet: More akin to performance art than stand-up.

Robert Dubac - Inside The Male Intellect CD: What makes this comedy CD is not only the humorous tone but its sincerity and the even keel the comic manages to keep throughout

Will Durst - Elect To Laugh: You really should vote for this political comedy CD

Will Durst - Ring Toss For Aliens: Short shelf life for this political comedy CD

Will Durst - Warning!: If you like take no prisoners and intelligent political commentary and comedy, Warning! by Will Durst is for you

David Dyer - Yowza!: Goofy title, a bit short, very good CD

Costaki Economopoulos - C'mon It's Jokes: C'mon It's Jokes is a great addition to a comedy CD collection and a great gift for any comedy fan.

Costaki Economopoulos - Mission: Economopoulos: Second and excellent stand-up comedy CD by smart and non-agressive comic.

Costaki Economopoulos - The Economonologues: 3 comedy CD set features 45 contributions to the Bob & Tom Show

Ian Edwards - 100% Half-Assed: The first Conan OBrien Team Coco release and a solid choice for that honor.

Brett Eidman - What's So F#@K'N Funny?: Funny song and sketch comedy CD

Ophira Eisenberg - Bangs!: Fun CD by the host of NPRs Ask Me Another

Joey Elias - I Like Soup: I Like Soup is a solid and funny independent comedy CD with a few weaknesses.

Lorne Elliott - More Lorne Elliott Than You Probably Need In Your Life: Lorne Elliott is the very funny comic and host of CBC's Madly Off In All Directions

Lorne Elliott - Selections From All Directions: Selections From All Directions has 12 very funny and entertaining tracks. Lorne even does a ditty on the ukulele

Lorne Elliott - Selections From All Directions Volume 2: Selections From All Directions Volume 2 has something for everybody.

Lorne Elliott - The Collected Mistakes II: The Collected Mistakes II is some of Lorne Elliott's funniest stories and songs.

Bill Engvall - Aged and Confused CD Version: Very good clean comedy but not as great as others by this comic.

Cameron Esposito - Marriage Material: Esposito continues to impress me. Her command of her material, and her stage presence, are both fantastic and clearly audible on this comedy CD

Cameron Esposito - Same Sex Symbol: Esposito’s comedy, like all good comedy, is universal, and is to be enjoyed by all.

Gilbert Esquivel - Just Representin': Ordinary

Matt Falk - Apple Pie & Scars: Very good, I think clean, stand-up.

Matt Falk - Generation Gap: a comic you can bring your friends and family to see and be commended on your comedy tastes.

Jimmy Fallon - Bathroom Wall: A coaster

Jimmy Fallon - Blow Your Pants Off: the songs are very funny and I enjoyed them a lot ... the first time

Mitch Fatel - Miniskirts & Muffins: definitely more about miniskirts than muffins, great comedy cd

Mitch Fatel - Public Displays of Perversion: But, if you already own Mitch Fatel is Magical, there is significantly less to enjoy in this new one.

Mitch Fatel - Super Retardo: hilarious stand-up comedy CD for adults

Father Guido Sarducci - Breakfast In Heaven: Not available as a stand-up comedy CD but google and ye shall find

Scott Faulconbridge - Scottland: Solid in person, solid on CD

Scott Faulconbridge - Warn The Others: This very funny CD features Faulconbridge's best bits and a couple of new ones resulting from his marriage and having a baby

Bruce Fine - Actual Size:

Christian Finnegan - Au Contraire! CD Version: Second comedy CD makes me certain this comic does not push himself enough.

Christian Finnegan - The Fun Part: Solid, Finnegan really exploits his talent here.

Christian Finnegan - Two For Flinching: Pretty good stand-up comedy CD from Comedy Central.

Greg Fitzsimmons - Life on Stage CD and DVD set: Fitzsimmons has a unique ability to take something very mundane, flip it, and then use humor as social commentary.

Flight of the Conchords: Excellent funny song CD.

Jim Florentine - Awful Jokes From My First Comedy Notebook: Yes, they are.

Jake Flores - Humors: Good with some superb moments.

Glen Foster - That Canadian Guy: That Canadian Guy Glen Foster are a definite must have in any comedy CD fan's collection

Redd Foxx - I Ain't Lied Yet: This Party Album is a must for any serious comedy collection

Pablo Francisco - Knee To The Groin: Francisco does it all

Don Friesen - Ask Your Mom!: Ask his mom why some of this stand-up is very familiar to those who have Inexplicable.

Don Friesen - Ask Your Mom!: Much of this stand-up has been previously released.

Don Friesen - Inexplicable: Excellent first stand-up comedy CD

Dan Frigolette - Naked and Amused: a solid comedy mp3 album that unfortunately suffers from questionable sound quality.

Darren Frost - It's Only Going Down From Here: It Is Only Going Down From Here if the weirdest, most daring, sickest, absolutely hilarious at times, most aggressive, bombing badly, in your face, stand-up comedy cd ever release

Matt Fugate - Believement: Excellent family and marriage based comedy but a couple of F words here and there too for those who care.

Moe Fugger - Friggen Comedy Network Presents: C.J. Goodearl The Box Set 95 -96 features the early radio comedy work of C.J. Goodearl of the Moe Fugger comedy CD team.

Moe Fugger - Moe Fugger & Other Twisted Radio Comedy: The reason this radio comedy CD is by far superior to your standard offering in the genre is C.J. Goodearl and Dave Green are not limited by being on a real radio station

Moe Fugger - Son Of Fugger - Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam: Moe Fugger and Son of Fugger: Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam is a far superior product and independent release comedy CD than any soon-to-be-coaster radio morning show comedy I have heard

Dave Fulton - ... based on a true story: Very good, almost excellent.

Dan Gabriel - Baby For Sale: Dan Gabriel does very funny light but not lightweight stand-up comedy.

Dan Gabriel - Giant Robot: independent comedy CD is one of the better I have heard in a while

Dan Gabriel - The Vowel Diet: Gabriel is out to entertain his audience and he is very good at it

Jim Gaffigan - Beyond The Pale - Comedy CD: Jim Gaffigan on food under all its aspects and more. Solid stuff.

Jim Gaffigan - Doing My Time: Not my favorite Jim Gaffigan CD mostly because of the sound quality.

Jim Gaffigan - King Baby: Good comedy CD with some excellent bits especially one on bowling.

Jim Gaffigan - Obsessed: Gaffigan on top of his game.

Gallagher - Gallagher Live: This proves early on Gallagher did more than smash watermelons. and use props.

Gallagher - I Am Who I Pretend To Be: The album shows Gallagher is a smart comic whose intellectual curiosity creates some really interesting and funny routines.

Stirling Gardner - My Sexual Belle Curve: Public readings of stories about the writer. A lot of fun.

Tom Garland - Leash Your Kids: Excellent mp3 album if a little uneven in tone and material

Tom Garland - Unleashed: uncomfortable and unfunny.

John Garrett - Outside The Box: Really good comedy by a young comic who knows not to milk a topic.

Steve Gillespie - Alive On State: very varied and funny

Greg Giraldo - Good Day To Cross A River:

Greg Giraldo - Good Day To Cross The River: Good Day To Cross A River - Greg Giraldo's take on life torn from the headlines and the obvious stupidity of life, political scandals and whatever else seems to come to mind.

Greg Giraldo - Midlife Vices CD: Very good but Giraldo sometimes gets lazy and adult for no real reason.

Todd Glass - Todd Glass Talks About Stuff: this MP3 album could have more appropriately been called “Todd Glass Talks About The Same Stuff Again

Donald Glover - Weirdo: Live From New York: Decent comedy mp3 album

Whoopi Goldberg - Original Broadway Show Recording: touching, poignant, brilliant, intelligent, wise, and amazing

Elon Gold - Chosen and Taken: Very good, multitalented comic

Katie Goodman - I Didn t F*ck It Up: Excellent musical comedy CD amd MP3 album

GoRemy - The Falafel Album: Feelawful about The Falafel Album

Eddie Gossling - Fresh Brewed Eddie: Very good rerelease. CD comes with bonus comedy DVD

Eddie Gossling - Live At The DC Improv 4-5-08: Very good CD aside from two or three unoriginal short jokes. Gossling is different.

Gilbert Gottfried - Dirty Jokes: the most complete collection of the filthiest jokes ever told

Dana Gould - Fun House: Very good CD even ten years later.

Dana Gould - Fun House - 2009 Reissue: Still funny 10 years later.

Dana Gould - I Know It's Wrong: Very good comedy mp3 album.

Dana Gould - Mr. Funny Man: I doubt Gould will get that award or even a nomination. He should. Mr. Funny Man is a solid comedy album.

Mike Green - Burnt: So many original stand-up routines it is ridiculous

Dick Gregory - Dick Gregory On:: Black activist stand-up comic turned fat farmer

Dick Gregory - In LIving Black and White: First Dick Gregory album reissued on CD and still interesting.

Erik Griffin - Technical Foul: Volume 1: This is a solid, solid MP3 comedy album

Nick Griffin - Bring Out the Monkey: Excellent stand-up comedy download through comic's website.

Nick Griffin - Bring Out the Monkey - Joe Schneider review: Entertaining mp3 download album

Andrew Grose - Confessions Of A Married Mind: Confessions of a Married Mind consists of various clips from various appearances Andrew Grose made over the past couple of years or so at Just For Laughs, the Comedy Network, Mike Bullard

Terry Gross - Fresh Air Laughs: a must have for the serious comedy fan

Matt Gubser - Daddy Issues: is a keeper and the kind of MP3 comedy album you keep on top of your rotation.

Gary Gulman - Conversations With Inanimate Objects: Gary Gulman kills

Gary Gulman - In This Economy? MP3: Gulman himself admits this is not really different from No Can Defend.

Gary Gulman - No Can Defend - MP3 Album: The topics are all tame, but all of them are funny on this comedy mp3 album

Gary Gulman - No Can Defend - MP3 Album - Joe Schneider review: Very good second release: very entertaining and full of laughs

JT Habersaat - Hostile Corporate Takeover: Habersaat and 4 other comics, like an evening at the comedy club.

JT Habersaat - Misanthrope: Misanthrope is a solid comedy album. Maybe I am just getting old.

Jim Hamilton - Poems About the Ocean: Excellent collection of pithy one-liners.

Slade Ham - Redemption: Slade Ham is a tell the truth, dark, observational comic who spares no one.

Slade Ham - Three-Legged Unicorn: Very good independent comedy MP3 and CD.

Chris Hardwick - Mandroid: Good and a keeper but a bit uneven

Gladys Hardy - I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little: Morning radio and phone comedy superior to the majority of such stuff

CJ Harlow - Coming Clean: Consistently clean consistently funny comedy CD

Tim Harmston - The Most Bees Ever: Pretty good but a bit uneven too.

Ray Harrington - Audio Ha-Ha - Sketches Not Jokes: Good sketch comedy CD

Ray Harrington - Overwhelmed: If one is to evaluate a comedy album based on the number of Oh, my God!s you overhear, this release is a definite winner.

Ray Harrington - The Worst Is Over: Very good but a weak opening and a f@ck!ng whistler in the audience got on my nerves.

Kevin Hart - Seriously Funny - CD: Decent enough

Phil Hartman - Flat TV: Sketch comedy CD by Saturday Night Live / Simpsons star

Vince Hase - His First Attempt: Very good sketch comedy

Drew Hastings - I Have No Fight With You People: excellent independent release stand-up comedy CD

Drew Hastings - Irked & Miffed CD: Solid, very funny stuff even if it contains material from his first, independent release

Robert Hawkins - Smackin' Kittens: Smackin' Kittens may not be destined to be a comedy classic yet it is enjoyable

D.J. Hazard - Man of Hazardium: Excellent CD with a bit of everything including really funny songs.

Mitch Hedberg - Do You Believe in Gosh?: 2005 off-the-cuff comedy CD features Hedberg in fine form.

Mitch Hedberg - Mitch All Together: an excellent stand-up comedy CD

John Heffron - Good Kid, Bad Adult: Fans of jokes about growing up will most definitely enjoy this comedy CD.

David Heti - It was ok, an album of comedy: Solid nihilistic comedy, well worth the financial contribution.

David Heti - It Was OK, Stand Up! Records: If the Dark Side has a comedy club, David Heti is the headliner.

Jay Hewlett - Nice Shirt Day!: This is a decent live recording of a pretty good stand-up comedian that raises a few uncomfortable questions.

Bill Hicks - Bill Hicks reissued on Comedy Dynamics: Info about re-releases and a couple of new things.

Bill Hicks - Salvation: Bill Hicks is the 2Pac of the comedy world.

Melinda Hill - Six Ways to Bomb on America s Got Talent: One track bit

Melinda Hill - The Accidental Bisexual: Very odd but funny public reading comedy

Melinda Hill - The Accidental Bisexual - Joe Schneider review: Far from your typical comedy album but definitely worth it

Steve Hofstetter - Cure For The Cable Guy: Decent comedy CD by young comic

Steve Hofstetter - Ginger Kid: Solid, solid stuff though it sounds tinny

Steve Hofstetter - Pick Your Battles: Quite Good but not up to Hofstetter's high standards.

Steve Hofstetter - Steve Hofstetter's Day Off: 60 minutes of riffing with the audience. Brilliant comedy download.

Steve Hofstetter - The Dark Side Of The Room: Original and solid.

Pete Holmes - Impregnated With Wonder: Solid performance and maybe a top 10 comedy mp3 album for 2011

Maryellen Hooper - Dignity Under Duress: Different and very good female stand-up comic

Maryellen Hooper - Fixer-Upper: Fixer-Upper is excellent if a bit short

Kevin Hughes - Love Is A Laughing Matter: Very clean relationship comedy CD set.

D. L. Hughley - Notes From The GED Section: a decent recording that will not stand the test of time

David Hunstberger - Explosion Land: Brilliant Superb Extraordinary comedy CD

David Hunstberger - Humanitis: Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant. The last 22 minutes are the best I have heard in a long while.

Adam Hunter - Being Adam Hunter: Decent first comedy CD.

Eddie Ifft - I Love Pussy: A couple of strong routines but the rest is opening act comedy.

Gabriel Iglesias - Aloha, Fluffy: Good release

Gabriel Iglesias - Picachu . . . I See You: a pretty good comedy CD by a stand-up who will be around for a while

James Inman - Greyhound Diary: Greyhound Diaries is a very funny experience

Dom Irrera - Greatest Hits Volume One: Why then does Dom Irrera Greatest Hits Volume One comedy CD feel like such a letdown?

Eddie Izzard - Glorious: a tour de force comedy CD for those who like a thinking man's funny joke.

Drew Jacobs - I m Allergic To My Job: A total hoot with 6 excellent and very funny songs.

Spencer James - Don t Shake A Baby: a comic I look forward to hearing more from and would pay to see live.

Don Jamieson - Hell Bent For Laughter: Good if you know this guy, so-so if you don't.

Jim Jefferies - Hell Bound: Nasty comedy CD from very good British / Australian comic.

Richard Jeni - A Good Catholic Boy: My favorite of the five 2014 re-releases.

Richard Jeni - Greatest Bits: one of those rare comedy CDs you never get tired of

Keith Lowell Jensen - Atheist Christmas: You do not have to believe to enjoy this partly seasonal comedy.

Keith Lowell Jensen - Cats Made Of Rabbits - CD Version - Joe Schneider: there are a few amusing lines

Keith Lowell Jensen - Elf Orgy: Very enjoyable mp3 album

Keith Lowell Jensen - To the Moon - Live at Luna's: Excellent, wide randing stand-up but adult audience material

Anthony Jeselnik - Caligula: this will be one of the best comedy CDs of 2013.

Anthony Jeselnik - Shakespeare: Excellent but only available as download MP3.

Anthony Jeselnik - Shakespeare - Reviewed by Joe Schneider: Jeselnik could be the next big thing to happen to American stand-up comedy.

Jimmy the Pervert - My Dirty Little Secret: The artist's name and CD title say it all: better than the usual stuff in that genre

Jimmy the Pervert - Number Two: More Dirty Little Secrets: Solid country and western flavored funny song comedy CD.

Papa Joe - Open Mike: Hey, it's a funny song CD relaxing and entertaining as all get out.

Jake Johannsen - Jake This Dot Com: A comedy CD that gives the impression it could have been better.

Tommy Johnagin - Stand Up Comedy 2: If you enjoy stand-up comedy, you need to buy this album.

Josh Johnson - I Like You: I Like You is a really solid comedy album through and through.

Kacey Jones - Bis-Ass Box Of Music: The humor in the songs on Big-Ass Comedy Box is subtle and all in the lyrics

Kacey Jones - Donald Trump's Hair: Kasey Jones' third CD of humourous songs. Worth the listen even if there are a few bordering on the shrill.

Kacey Jones - Every Man I've Loved Is Either Married Gay Or Dead Kacey Jones Live: Funny, cutting, quick as a whip Kacey Jones clearly has a close rapport with her audience

Jesse Joyce - Pro Joyce: Excellent CD (by one of the Comedy Central Roast writers but do not let that influence you)

Lynn Julian - Ham For The Holidays: Enough already.

Todd Justice - And Justice For Y'All: And Justice For Y'All is solid. Different, but solid

Myq Kaplan - Meat Robot: Ordinary

Myq Kaplan - Small, Dork, and Handsome: Fans of smart, rapid-fire comedy will find a lot to enjoy in this album.

Myq Kaplan - Vegan Mind Meld: Very good, unusual, complex comedy.

Moshe Kasher - Live In Oakland: A good seven minutes out of a sixty minute set.

Jackie Kashian - I Am Not The Hero Of This Story: Jackie Kashian is a stand-up comic with PTSD – President Trump Stress Disorder. What makes her anti-trump material far superior to all the other stuff that has come out so far is how clever the attacks are.

Jackie Kashian - This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux: It does indeed.

Jonathan Katz - Caffeinated: A variety pack CD of different comedy genres fans of Woody Allen will probably appreciate.

Louis Katz - If These Balls Could Talk: Solid set but only available as MP3 download

Leah Kayajanian - Megatron Story 3000 ... Can I Call It That?: Promising but not there yet

Garrison Keillor - A Christmas Blizzard: A non-Lake Wobegon Christmas yarn is decent enough.

Garrison Keillor - A Prairie Home Companion 10th Anniversary: A less preachy time in Lake Wobegon history.

Garrison Keillor - A Prairie Home Companion 2nd Annual Farewell Performance: A few skits, lots of music including the Everly Brothers: a solid show

Garrison Keillor - A Prairie Home Companion 3rd Annual Farewell Performance: Good stuff including a 2 part 40-minute News From Lake Wobegon

Garrison Keillor - A Prairie Home Companion 4th Annual Farewell Performance: A 2 CD Prairie Home Companion set with more music and less talk.

Garrison Keillor - A Prairie Home Companion Commercial Radio: great compilation comedy CD of Prairie Home Companion commercials

Garrison Keillor - A Prairie Home Companion Final Performance: The first final performance. Good but not the best.

Garrison Keillor - A Prairie Home Companion It s Only A Show: Prairie Home Companion compilation from HighBridge Audio,

Garrison Keillor - Church People - The Lutherans of Lake Wobegon: Lots of Lutheran based humor the kids are not going to get.

Garrison Keillor - Comedy Theater: For those who remember a kinder, gentler Prairie Home Companion

Garrison Keillor - Dusty And Lefty The Lives Of The Cowboys: 6 complete stories on this 10-track cowboy comedy CD

Garrison Keillor - English Majors A comedy collection for the highly literate: Perfect gift for the college graduate and funny too.

Garrison Keillor - Even More Pretty Good Jokes 2CD set: Best of the last 3 years of the Prairie Home Companion Joke Show

Garrison Keillor - Gospel Birds: This Garrison Keillor CD is definitely better than what we have heard in the last couple of years or so as News From Lake Wobegone

Garrison Keillor - Guy Noir Radio Private Eye: Radio Private Eye is only one of two Garrison Keillor CD collections of Guy Noir stories

Garrison Keillor - Lake Wobegon Loyalty Days: includes perhaps Garrison Keillor s best track ever: The Young Lutheran s Guide to the Orchestra.

Garrison Keillor - Lake Wobegon USA - Fertility: Prairie Home Companion CD reissue. Finally

Garrison Keillor - Lake Wobegon USA - Patience: Features Aunt Ellie, Duke s 25th, and You re Not the Only One.

Garrison Keillor - Lake Wobegon USA - Rhubarb: Includes Rhubarb, Yellow Ribbon, Sweet Corn, and The Sun s Gonna Shine Someday

Garrison Keillor - Lake Wobegon USA - Youth: Features Blue Devils, Nostalgia, O Christmas Tree, Pageant, and Messy Shoes

Garrison Keillor - Local Man Moves To The City: different from what you are used to on the Prairie Home Companion show.

Garrison Keillor - More News From Lake Wobegon: the stories from More News From Lake Wobegon are funny

Garrison Keillor - More News From Lake Wobegon - Faith: 4 News segments: Rotten Apples, O Death, The Wise Men, and A trip to Grand Rapids.

Garrison Keillor - More News From Lake Wobegon - Hope: CD reissue of 1989 More News From Lake Wobegon set. A kindler, gentler time and stories

Garrison Keillor - Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt: 2 Garrison Keillor CD set from when Wobegon was not political.

Garrison Keillor - Motherhood: Not quite as good as expected and very loosely about motherhood

Garrison Keillor - My Little Town - Stories From Lake Wobegon: 3 CD set includes the story of the Inqvist s departure.

Garrison Keillor - Never Better Stories From Lake Wobegon: 10 News From Lake Wobegon on 2 CDs. Good stuff all around.

Garrison Keillor - Prairie Home Comedy - Radio Songs & Sketches: Lots and lots of musical comedy plus some short skits.

Garrison Keillor - Songs Of The Cat: Any cat lover must have this very funny Garrison Keillor CD

Garrison Keillor - Summer Love: A mostly musical record of the Prairie Home Companion 2010 tour in a country western vein.

Garrison Keillor - The Adventures Of Guy Noir: Fans of Prairie Home Companion will certainly enjoy this two sketch comedy CD set

Garrison Keillor - The Christmas Companion With Garrison Keillor: 2 comedy CD set great stocking stuffer

Garrison Keillor - Tourists: Prairie Home Companion CD of esoteric music like klezmer, balalaika, and zydeco

Robert Kelly - Just The Tip: Great stuff but not for the easily offended

Sean Kent - Waiting For The Rapture: Excellent through and through.

Kristin Key - Buckle Up!: Good stand-up comedy CD if a bit out of sync material wise.

Kristin Key - Where The Cab Takes You: Very good second comedy CD with great bit about being stoned and the munchies

Chris Killian - Viral Inflection: Fun skit and funny song comedy

Jamie Kilstein - Libel, Slander, & Sedition: Yelling does not rant comedy make.

Jamie Kilstein - Libel, Slander, & Sedition - Brett Watson review: Skip this.

Jamie Kilstein - Libel, Slander, & Sedition - Joe Schneider review: A forgettable CD

Jamie Kilstein - Please Buy My Jokes: First comedy CD introduces a very promising, deceptively smart comic.

Jamie Kilstein - Zombie Jesus: Excellent CD for those who like edgy comedy.

Tina Kim - Single Asian Female: an irritating comedy CD

Kyle Kinane - I Liked His Old Stuff Better: Reviewer liked his old stuff better but liked this MP3 too

Kyle Kinane - Whiskey Icarus: Kinane most certainly is an artist, and even though this second comedy album does not quite live up to the first, this reviewer is eagerly awaiting the third.

Simon King - Unfamous: Excellent high energy if a bit loud stand-up comedian

Matt Kirshen - I Guess We'll Never Know: Excellent.

Robert Klein - Child Of The 50's: charming stand-up comedy CD

Harri Kondabolu - Mainstream American Comic: This is a solid follow-up to Kondabolu s first album Waiting for 2042

Dave Konig - Your Face Is Crooked - MP3 Reissue: Bad sound and generic material.

Ernie Kovacs - The Night Before Christmas on New York's Fashionable East Side: The Night Before Christmas on New York's Fashionable East Side and five other tracks. Limited Edition vinyl.

Jo Koy - Lights Out: The soundtrack from the DVD with lots of visual support missing.

Chris Laker - Moments of Greatness: comedy with a slacker slant

Lisa Lampanelli - Back to the Drawing Board: The usual Lampanelli stuff and not more than that.

Lisa Lampanelli - Dirty Girl CD: This Queen of Mean CD is tighter than the DVD

Lisa Lampanelli - Equal Opportunity Offender: The Best Of Lisa Lampanelli: only good as an introduction to excellent insult comic

Lisa Lampanelli - Take It Like A Man: The rawest, most potentially offensive comedy CD I have heard in a while.

Lisa Lampanelli - Tough Love CD and MP3: Very good insult comedy

Harvard Lampoon - No Escape From Danger: sophomoric, cliche after cliche

Dave Landau - Down On Your Lucky Charms: Good stuff.

Drew Landry - Attention Whore: Comic is 17 album is 18 minutes and free

Rocky LaPorte - Welcome To My World: Good, laid back stand-up comic.

Rocky LaPorte - Who Knew ?: Excellent comedy by laid back comic. Mild adult language

Laughing For Cancer: Laughing For Cancer by Comics Against Cancer ain't bad. It ain't brilliant but, hey, what the hell.

Mike Lawrence - Sadamantium: Stand-up that makes you laugh but leaves a funny taste.

Lee & Jon - Fun: Two guys doing improv dockside. Fun if you appreciate the genre.

Natasha Leggero - Coke Money: Stand-up MP3 download album probably a top ten for 2011

Darryl Lenox - Blind Ambition: Made our Top Ten comedy for 2012

Darryl Lenox - I'm Darryl Lennox - Live at Comix: Good performace and long awaited CD

Richard Lett - At Least There's Drinking: This is a comedy CD for adults

Dan Levy - Congrats On Your Success: Well over 50% of this stand-up comedy CD is very entertaining and very funny

Dan Levy - Congrats On Your Success: Funny but banal.

Richard Lewis - Live From Hell: Before And After: Hell it is.

Dave Lippman - Singing CIA Agent George Shrub Live In Manhattan Kansas: 500 and some comedy CDs and this one's still got me wondering.

Joe List - So Far So Good: Comic bitches every thirty second about audience not laughing aka observational comedy.

Rob Little - Born: 20 Inches Long: 40 minutes long and there is not a bad track on the entire independent release comedy CD

Danny Lobell - Some Kind of Comedian: Though this is a very enjoyable comedy CD, a bit more focus and unity would probably make for a better overall experience.

Danny Lobell - The Nicest Boy in Barcelona: There is no way you are not going to looooove The Nicest Boy in Barcelona and comic Danny Lobell.

George Lopez - El Mas Chingon: El Mas Chingon is the third stand-up comedy CD by George Lopez

George Lopez - It's Not Me, It's You: Decent soundtrack version of HBO comedy special.

George Lopez - Tall, Dark and Chicano CD Version: Don't bother unless you are a die hard fan.

Lord Buckley - The Ivar Concert - So You Thought Hip Was New: Buckley is a comedy legend and this CD shows why.

Jimmy Lynch - Nigger Please!: Early seventies Black stand-up comedy rerelease

Norm MacDonald - Me Doing Standup: MacDonald has something and something original to say and it is funny too

Norm MacDonald - Ridiculous - Sketch Comedy CD: Sketch comedy CD by Saturday Night Live alumni

Jeff MacKinnon - Bring Me To Your Mother - mp3 album: Good but could have been better indie comedy mp3 album

Mary Mack - Pig Woman: Few comedy albums make me wish I had been there for the recording. I really, really wish I had attended the taping of Mary Mack Pig Woman.

Chris Maddock - Point of Entry: Good stuff

Kathleen Madigan - In Other Words: Second comedy CD from a very good comic

Kathleen Madigan - Madigan Again: I just really like this comic and this cd is very good.

Al Madrigal - Half Breed: Decent if not particularly memorable comedy.

Al Madrigal - Why Is The Rabbit Crying?: This is a quality, polished CD and DVD set

Ryan Maglunob - Oh and You Were Good Too: Solid first CD with the usual caveats about a young comic.

Daryl Makk - Herding The Sheeple: If you are an adult, however, you will enjoy this comedy CD

Keith Malley - Coming of Age: It would seem Keith Malley is still a work in progress.

Keith Malley - Good Clean Fun - The Very Best of: A live and clean version of Malley's greatest hits. Solid

Michael Malone - Let s Get Physical: Good comedy MP3 album

Michael Malone - Thirty One: a solid show that will please any comedy fan no matter the demographic

Mo Mandel - The M-Word: Solid but not groundbreaking and only available as comedy MP3

Mikey Manker - Voyageur: Solid stand-up, you will appreciate it more if you are in your late twenties or such.

Steve Mardon - Critic's Darling: he's good and those are catchy tunes.

Mike Marino - Jersey: Born + Raised: Excellent independent release stand-up comedy CD

Bob Marley - Comedian Bob Marley Live: Very good autobiographical and relationship stand-up comic.

Bob Marley - Sold Out: A minor CD by a good comic.

Bob Marley - UPTA Camp: Decent but not Marley's best CD.

Marc Maron - Final Engagement: Are you afraid of the dark? This comic certainly is not.

Marc Maron - Not Sold Out: Definitely different, dark, smart, edgy comedy CD

Marc Maron - This Has To Be Funny: Excellent comedy CD and Maron s first on Comedy Central Records

Marc Maron - This Has To Be Funny - Joe Schneider Review: Second and less positive review for Maron's first Comedy Central Records release.

Marc Maron - Tickets Still Available: there is such a thing as nihilist stand-up comedy and this guy is its poster boy.

Demetri Martin - Standup Comedian: most excellent 2012 stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD

Demetri Martin - Standup Comedian - Brett Watson review: If you’re not familiar with Martin’s work, you owe it to yourself to check this stand-up comedy CD or MP3 out.

Demetri Martin - These Are Jokes: Great, original CD and DVD by Demetri Martin on Comedy Central

Vince Martin - Live From the Middle: Good comedy mp3 album.

Jackie The Joke Man Martling - Snart - CD and DVD set: Martling is a great joke-telling comic for adult audiences

Jackie Mason - The World According To Me: this stand-up comedy CD is a masterpiece

Shane Mauss - Jokes to Make My Parents Proud: Excellent, dark, and caustic stand-up.

Shane Mauss - Mating Season: Mauss is a comic you cannot but enjoy.

Shane Mauss - My Big Break: Worth every penny of your comedy dollar.

Jack Mayberry - Comedius Erectus: you know this is going to be an unusual and funny set.

Andrew Mayer - Nonsense: If you like your comedy off the beaten path, Nonsense is worth the investment.

Ralphie May - Girth of a Nation CD: Girth of a Nation by Ralphie May is an extremely original, brilliant, fresh, edgy, funny, hilarious, solid, great, amazing, almost masterpiece of stand-up comedy.

Phil Mazo - Indecent: I would get Pervert before this CD

Phil Mazo - Pervert:

Dave McBride - A Nail In The Head: whoever engineered this set should be made to listen to Barry Manilow CDs on perpetual rotation while a six-year-old plays the kazoo in his right ear

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