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Comedy Reviews - CD - Steven Wright - I Still Have A Pony


I Still Have A Pony
Steven Wright
Comedy Central Records 2007
43 minutes

Steven Wright's second stand-up comedy CD I Still Have A Pony comes only 20 some years after his classic I Have A Pony. All I could think of while listening to this Comedy Central release is what took him so long? The master of the monotone non-sequitur and surreal yet pithy one-liners is back in excellent form. Nobody does stand-up quite like Steven Wright and his influence on Mitch Hedberg and other similar comics pretty much changed the world of stand-up comedy for the better.

It is basically impossible to review the Steven Wright I Still Have A Pony comedy CD because Wright covers so much ground and does it so pell-mell you end up having to quote a few one-liners just to get the point across. "I think it's wrong only one company makes the game Monopoly." "A friend of mine has a trophy wife but unfortunately it wasn't first place." This, unfortunately, does no justice to Wright's delivery. Perhaps the best way to describe Steven Wright is he's the comic who puts the round peg in the square hole and then wonders why the triangle won't fit in the round hole.

Perhaps the biggest difference between I Still Have A Pony and I Have A Pony is there are a couple of blue words on his second CD, something I had not noticed on the original Pony CD. I am also a little less impressed with his tunes, especially the Mumble Song, but since there are only three of these and they are very short, what the hell.

Steven Wright may take twenty or so years between releases but time has had no effect on his jokes or timing. The planetarium bit, a somewhat longer and more connected routine, is superb with its baseball and musical composition tags.

There is no doubt Steven Wright still has a pony and it hasn't' been taxidermied. This is great stuff that will not disapoint the many fans who have been waiting for this release since Ritalin was a german shepherd on TV

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