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TV & sitcom DVDs - Sarah Silverman - The Sarah Silverman Program Season Two A on The Comedy Network

The Sarah Silverman Program Season Two A on The Comedy Network
The Sarah Silverman Program Season 2
Sarah Silverman, Brian Posehn, Steve Agee
The Comedy Network
Thursdays 10:30 P.M.
First six episodes start October 11, 2007
Last six episodes air Spring 2008

I am not a Sarah Silverman fan. Her Jesus Is Magic DVD is more juvenile than vaguely amusing and her contribution to The Aristocrats overrated. Imagine my surprise then when I actually enjoyed the preview of the first episode of The Sarah Silverman Program, Bored of the Rings, at it will air Thursdays, 10:30 P.M. on The Comedy Network.

I find Sarah Silverman grating, self-centered, and too convinced of her unbeknownst to her minor comedic skills and for some strange reason having to do with the alignment of planets  and so on in a perfect storm kind of way this is exactly why The Sarah Silverman Program Season 2 works. This is an over the top, totally surreal, and sometimes rather offensive situation comedy which is perhaps why The Comedy Network airs it when most children are in bed (and if they are not in bed, it's the parents' fault, not the network's).

In the first episode of season two of The Sarah Silverman Program, Sarah barges into a church during the service to complain that the bells woke her up. This causes her to join a group who wants to save the children and makes really good lemon bars. Silverman, being about as bright as a dark cave on a moonless night, joins this group not realizing this is an anti-abortion group with violent intentions for the local women's health clinic The fit is rather weird as the Silverman character has already had three abortions at that particular place and has the green light from her doctor for a fourth should the time come.

To make a time goes by fast and pretty funny episode story short, the ending has to do with a bunch of Dungeons and Dragon nerds coming to the rescue.

I may not like Sarah Silverman but have to, most reluctantly admit, season two of The Sarah Silverman Program on The Comedy Network is really original situation comedy. Of course, this is based on the first episode preview but I think it is a good sample of things to come.

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Episode List:

Episode 1: Bored of the Rings: Sarah unwittingly joins an anti-abortion group and Dungeons and Dragons nerds come to her rescue.

Episode 2: Joan of Arf: When Doug, the dog, licks his ass, Silverman wonders what the big deal is and experiments this cleaning method on herself, leading to a journey of self-doubt.

Episode 3: Face Wars:  Silverman goes Black Like Me to prove it is easier being Black than Jewish, dog.

Episode 4: Doodie: Sarah Silverman and her sister go on a game show to get money to replace her mother's tombstone. Doodie jokes get in the way.

Episode 5: Ah, Men: Silverman dates God and the all-powerful is not her type.

Episode 6: Maid to the Border: Silverman loses maid, Silverman tries to win maid back.

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