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Comedy Reviews - CD - Top Ten Stand-Up Comedy CD Lists - 10 Worst Stand-Up Comedy CDs but Great Coasters

Great Coasters.

A self-respecting stand-up comedy fan will provide coasters for his guests. Here are the best stand-up comedy CD coasters money should not buy. You can also use them for skeet shooting. Click the pic to read the complete savaging.

   Ant - Follow My Ass: A beach themed coaster. 12 decent minutes on a 50 minute CD

  Margaret Cho - Revolution: It like, well, you know, aaahhhh, mmmm, really bites AND IF YOU SCREAM IT IT DOESN'T SOUND FUNNIER

 Chris Rock - Bigger And Blacker: Rock says nothing funny, pops the mic, and is recorded by a friend with a Fisher Price mic and tape recorder

 Monty Python - Live At City Center: Monty Python was in L.A. but the sound guy was in London. Nothing you can't get on other Python CDs

  Richard Lewis - Live From Hell: Hell it is and 2 CDs too.

  Larry the Cable Guy - The Right To Bare Arms: Stinks like a redneck's armpits after hog wrestling.

 George Carlin - Complaints and Grievances: aka bitching by an old fart.

 Jimmy Fallon - The Bathroom Wall: A urinal puck.

 Andy Dick - Do Your Shows Always Suck?: YES!

 Tom Myers - Words of Mass Destruction: An indie comic who purposefully misquoted our review of his CD. Much like the WMDs: nothing there.

Dishonorable Mention:

 Jeff Foxworthy - Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered: Ditto for the sound engineer on this one.




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