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Comedy Movies - Undead Or Alive - A Zombedy


Undead Or Alive A Zombedy
Chris Kattan, James Denton, Navi Rawat
Directed by Glasgow Phillips
Image Entertainment 2008
91 minutes

Zombedy Undead Or Alive is a great DVD. What better title for a zombie western DVD than Undead Or Alive? It also suggests the humor in this movie. Though the first comedy moment here is really old slapstick zombie puts foot in bucket and then steps on rake stuff this is one funny zombie western and the special effects top notch.

This movie is a silly and original show it to your friends keeper.

Undead Or Alive is also a buddy movie when Chris Kattan(Luke) and James Denton (Elmer) accidently partner up and then have to face a posse of zombies with beautiful Native American Sue (Rani Rawat of Numb3rs fame) who learned about the Geronimo zombie curse from her uncle and her archery and horse riding skills in a New York private school.

The zombie comedy has great fun with various western movie clichés including the always loaded carbine. It also has a great moment where white man and red woman debate the contribution of Europeans to Indian civilization (the wheel vs. small pox, etc)

It is fortunate for the stars of this comedy character actor Leslie Jordan (Hidden Palms, Will & Grace) does not share screen time with them. His Padre character almost steals the movie even if Jordan's voice-over skills suck in the scene where he is locked up in a room.

Unlike most zombie movies, this zombie comedy is also beautifully shot both. Its interior scenes are good but it is its exteriors that would give an undead John Ford a woodie.

Hard to believe but there are good comedies starring former Saturday Night Live alumns. Who would have thunk it.

Undead Or Alive Eextra features include the trailer, two Making Of bits, and a somewhat better than usual -which is not saying much-- commentary track with Glasgow Phillips, Chris Kattan, James Deaton, and Rani Rawat.

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