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Comedy Reviews - CD - Tommy Savitt - Who Wants Me Now

Who Wants Me Now
Who Wants Me Now?
Tommy Savitt
Stand-up Comedy CD
Next Round Entertainment 2008

There is no way on God's green earth Tommy Savitt is as hot as he thinks he is but he just could be as funny as he believes himself to be. Who Wants Me Now, his stand-up comedy CD might be better retitled You Want Some Of This. Savitt, of Bob and Tom fame for those who care, is an original, interesting, personable comic who certainly knows how to build a routine and make people laugh.

Savitt recently won the 2008 Seattle comedy contest.

Comics are becoming more and more dime a dozen so there are few you will immediately recognize the second time around. Savitt's style and voice ensure remembering his name will only take a nanosecond. His combination of weird outlook on life, ability for a punchline in a way that quite often surprises, absurd humor, and wrong-headed idea he is a great catch make for one hell of a different comic. That 99% of his act is clean not only proves you do not need to work blue to be a solid act but that it is still possible to have jokes that can make a few people squirm, "How many matches does it take to make a picture of grandpa?"

This guy is a former pest-control expert and attorney so there are a few short tracks on various aspects of the law and his experience in the field working pro-boner. Many comedians have material on being broke and credit cards but Savitt's persona and material make it unique. When was the last time you heard a comic do a bit on fire drills in schools? His whole bit on children and education is great and his innuendos behind kids' characters such as Pokemon, Woody, and Barney even better.

There are many, many brilliant tracks on this CD but my personal favorite is Fruits & Pretzels & Love.

This is a really solid release 

Not everything is perfect on this stand-up comedy CD: there is a typo on track 16 when you play it on your computer. Putting the title on the left hand spine would also have been a good idea.

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