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Comedy Business - Hahaas - Comedy Producer / Fan Joel Haas


The name of the outfit is Hahaas -well, duh!, what else could you possibly name it? and focuses on independent comics such as one of our favorites, Cajun Queen Caroline Picard. Unless it's ready to go, Joel Haas does the recording and the producing, his company does the web marketing through CDBaby and Itunes. This is a pretty ... haas-le free approach. After that the stand-up comedy fan does the downloading and paying and the comic gets 66%. That's a hell of a lot more than with a label.

If that is not sweet enough, the recordings could perhaps maybe get airplay on XM Comedy though there are no promises about that, something clearly mentioned on the company site.

They will get a review here though.

You can also get more info at

I first met producer Joel Haas 3 years ago at the Just For Laughs comedy festival where we shared a beer. Learning he was with XM Comedy Radio, I tried my very best to impress and not only to get a brew on the company tab -which I didn't. If you get me talking stand-up it automatically involves my bitching and moaning about the sound quality of many stand-up comedy CDs, something the guy with the Weird Al hair (his boss looks like Ed Powers) agreed with.  Well, we've added a thousand or so pages to the site since then and Haas is now a full-fledged producer with a solid line-up of comics though nobody has more comedians than we do.

What's in it for me? Anything and anyone who can notch up the recording quality in the comedy world is a good thing indeed. I know I am going to get a quality recording. Perhaps fewer people will hear me bitch about sound quality and the world will be better for it. The fact Haas has owed me a beer for the last three years and I am still hoping to collect has nothing to do with it.

As the Joel Haas comedy empire grows, check out some of our reviews of his past work.

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