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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dwayne Perkins - She Ate My Haircut


She Ate My Haircut
Dwayne Perkins
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Independent Release

She Ate My Haircut, the independent stand-up comedy CD by Dwayne Perkins, is solid. Perkins is an autobiographical and observational stand-up comic who also does relationship jokes and is able to blend all these things seamlessly and effortlessly. Aside from the fact Dwayne Perkins is a very funny guy, it is his ability to go from topic to topic without you even noticing the segue that is his greatest strength.

The first thing Dwayne Perkins does on She Ate My Haircut is show he is a good stand-up comic. He starts with asking an audience member what he does for a living, does a couple of original jokes on that and quickly moves on to his first routine about the differences between L.A. and New York. If the rule of thumb of comedy is never let them see you (or in this case hear you) sweat, Perkins is one cool comedian.

There is not a single slow moment or stale joke on She Ate My Haircut and all of Dwayne Perkins' material is fresh and original. Particularly funny and original is Only In America, an interesting riff on getting an education in jail. Somehow, Perkins goes from that to Lite FM, Radio Giveaways, to peer pressure without the listener ever noticing the switch. This bait and switch technique is something rare in comedy. Usually, even very seasoned comics will sometimes use the old "Speaking of..." segue tool. Perkins' material just flows.

Case in point, among many on the funny CD She Ate My Haircut, is how Perkins goes from dating to long-term relationships to an ex dating a football player to football rhetoric to abused children and then the homeless. You never, ever notice the seam or the jump from joke to joke, the material on this independent comedy CD just simply flows. The sound quality, always something I pay particular attention to, here is also perfect.

Not that She Ate My Haircut is absolutely perfect: I do not really like the title of this stand-up comedy CD

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