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Articles - Lake Wobegon Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Companion CD Review Page

We are big fans of Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion, and News From Lake Wobegon. All our reviews on 1 page. Click on picture for Amazon page.

Many thanks to Kay Weiss of HighBridge Audio the home of really cool audiobooks without whom this page would not be possible.

My Little Town - 3 CD set review

  Summer Love: Mostly musical record of the 2010 Prairie Home Companion tour. Review

  Prairie Home Comedy  2 CD set Reissue of 1988 release. Big on musical comedy bits  Review

Even More Pretty Good Jokes (2009) 2 CD set of the best of the Prairie Home Companion jokes shows from the past 3 years.Read the review


  Lake Wobegon Loyalty Days. Personal favorite for the brilliant Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra. Read Full Review

 Songs of the Cat A must have for cat fanciers. Read Full Review

 English Majors, a comedy collection for the highly literate. Good stuff. Read Full Review

  Church People - The Lutherans of Lake Wobegon. Good 2 CD set but not the kind of humor kids on a long drive will appreciate. Review

Lake Wobegon USA - Fertility. CD includes title track, Krebsbachs' Vacation, 6 Labors of Faher Wilmer,and Prophet. Read the review

  Lake Wobegon USA - Patience Includes Aunt Ellie, Duke's 25th, You're Not the Only One read the review

  Lake Wobegon USA - Youth. Includes Blue Devils, Nostalgia, Pageant, and Messy Shoes. Read the review

  Lake Wobegon USA - Rhubarb includes Rhubarb, Yellow Ribbon, Sweet Corn, and The Sun's Gonna Shine Someday. Read the review

  2008 Lake Wobegon novel. The audio book version, of course with Keillor as reader. Read the review

  Motherhood 2 CD set. Not as good and not as much about motherhood as expected. Review

 The first Prairie Home Companion Farewell show. Pretty good. Read the full review

 Lots of music including the Everly Brothers and Robin and Linda Williams. A solid 21/2 hours show. Read the review

A two part 40-minute News From Lake Wobegon and other fun stuff Read the review.

 A Prairie Home Companion 4th Annual Farewell Performance. More Music, less words. Read the full review

 Hope - More News From Lake Wobegon. 2008 reissue of 1989 collection. Great stuff.   Read Full Review

 The Christmas Companion. Play at home Christmas Show, A bit of everything. Read Full Review

  The Adventures of Guy Noir 2006-07 2 CDs 11 stories Read Full Review

 More News From Lake Wobegon - Faith includes classics like A Trip to Grand Rapids and O Death Read Full Review

 Guy Noir Radio Private Eye - Early and very different stories. Read Full Review

 1990-91 period. New York City version of the show. Read Full Review 

 A Prairie Home Companion - It's Only A Show. 2 CDs a bit of everything. Read Full Review

 3 CD set. Everything but the News From Lake Wobegon. Read Full Review

 Gospel Birds: Babe Ruth, Mazumbo, and original Bob's Last Show and another lesser story. Read Full Review

 More News From Lake Wobegon. Review based on original 4 tape set. Reissued on CD in 2008. Read Full Review 

  Dusty and Lefty The Lives of the Cowboys. Read Full Review

 Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt 2 CDs 10 Lake Wobegon News. Read Full Review

 WLT A Radio Romance Keillor should stick to radio. Read Full Review 

 Commercial Radio The best fake commercials. Read Full Review

 Prairie Home Companion 10th Anniversary 1984. Great stuff. Read Full Review

 The Robert Altman movie. Read Full Review

 Never Better - Stories From Lake Wobegon 2 CDs 10 stories from 2005-06 Read Full Review

1CD of klezmer, zydeco, and balalaika music from Prairie Home Companion

 Pontoon A Novel of Lake Wobegon. Not brilliant but still better as an audio book. Read Full Review 

  A Christmas Blizzard - Read by the author Review


 Vocal Essence - Hymn to Potatoes. Serious and not serious music from the show. Keillor gets to sing too. Read Full Review

 Vocal Essence - Over The River & Through The Woods. 2 disc gospels and hymns collection as heard on the show. Read Full Review


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