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Comedy Reviews - CD - Mike Merryfield - Live At Loonees 7-15-06

Live At Loonees 7-15-06
Mike Merryfield
Stand-up Comedy CD
Produced by Joel Haas
Hahaas 2008
54 minutes

Comedian Mike Merryfield claims he has testicles. He is also married so this is automatically suspect but there is no doubt he has some solid stand-up comedy balls. Live at Loonees 7-15-06 Early & Late Show is good stuff.

Merryfield starts off strong with a very rare, if not the only, funny mention of the comic preceding him and of his own name. He then moves into his married material and immediately interacts with the audience. The latter is one of his fortes and unfortunately also the weak spot on this comedy CD as little of what the audience says is audible. This can perhaps be explained by the as is concept of this release but it is still frustrating, especially when he has a British audience member say a few gangsta lines. This can

There is not a low moment on Live At Loonees 7-15-06. The wheelchair drunk driving and bong-impaired-inspired wheelies is excellent. The impressions bit isn't that good but Merryfield saves it and closes the early show with a really good one.

The late show is a bit raunchier and opens with a stand-up bit on the importance of safety glasses while using KY. Merryfield is also looser here so though his wasted in Amsterdam is good but does not have a finish. He also goes free form with observational material on Napoleon Dynamite, Sideways, young chicks, and the usefulness of high heels. In some ways it is the comic showing his chops but it is quite good stuff.

Not that the material here is dated (aside from the two movie references) but I would certainly like to hear what this comic sounds like now.

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