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TV & sitcom DVDs - Big Daddy Tazz - Comedy Now! June 14th and 15th 2008

Comedy Now! June 14th and 15th 2008
Big Daddy Tazz
Comedy Now!
CTV June 14 2008 10:00
The Comedy Network June 15 2008 10:00

Big Daddy Tazz is a funny guy. He has all the CSI DVDs so he can kill you and make it look like a unicorn did it. and a blue bike. His half-hour Comedy Now! airs June 14th and 15th at 10:00. All Comedy Now! episodes feature a clean show with adult oriented humor. Tazz kicks off the eleventh season of this show and it was a good choice. He also has a blue bike

Like many comics Big Daddy Tazz has ADD and a son who has the same problem. Fortunately, this stand-up comedian brings some new takes on that by now standard fare. Though the meeting with the teacher bit is weak, the ADD auctioneer or security company rep will make you laugh and the rest of this Comedy Now! show is very original.

 Big Daddy Tazz (courtesy CTV)

This comic has new takes on growing up with a tough mom and dad and dealing with kids who have not been raised yet. One of the things I liked about Tazz is his stories and observations are really well structured with an absolutely solid callback.

The comic has great bit on his wife telling him what she wants for Christmas. That in itself is funny, the gift the comedian ends up getting her is funnier.

Also solid is his stand-up routine on motor homes though I would have liked the blue bike to show up there. Big Daddy Tazz ‘s bit on suicide kills.

This show ends on a somewhat serious note, for a comic. Tazz pulls it off elegantly.

Comedy Now! is now in its eleventh season. Comics scheduled this year in addition to Big Daddy Tazz are Johnny Gardhouse, Terry McGurrin, Peter Anthony, Rob Pue, Ron Sparks, Phil Hanley, Kevin Foxx, Casey Corbin, Jenn Grant, Paul Myrehaug, Dean Jenkinson, and Sean Lecomber. Shows air Saturdays on CTV and Sundays on The Comedy Network at 10:00

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