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Comedy Reviews - CD - Ron Shock - American Storyteller

American Storyteller
Ron Shock
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
Mature Audience

Ron Shock is without a doubt the very best story telling stand-up comedian around. Telling a story, with a plot, character development, and so on is a waning art in stand-up comedy. Fortunately, Ron Shock is keeping that tradition alive on American Storyteller, his latest independent comedy CD. Recorded in Louisville, Kentucky, American Storyteller is Ron Shock at his best.

Although American Storyteller reprises Biker's Titty Bar from the CD Oral Roberts, 900' Jesus & Other Tall Tales (an excellent comedy CD) and Ron Shock fans will recognize a few other setups and jokes here and there -like the non-smoking lady at the L.A. airport), this is still a solid release by independent stand-up comic Ron Shock.

The Pursuit of Happiness is basically a funny series of jokes about enjoying life while we are still alive and not worrying too much about the consequences of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. This may sound slightly banal but the talent Ron Shock has for exploring the semantics of drugs and alcohol make for very funny stand-up comedy.

Track 4 of American Storyteller, My Personal Fitness Guru, segues beautifully from the material on tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Again, Ron Shock encourages his audience to enjoy life while they are living it as we are all going to die anyway: "Get stoned, f** a stranger, eat a Twinkie."

The crowd that evening was particularly rowdy, which is annoying to the listener, and Ron Shock acknowledges that and works with it on the Jokes section of American Storyteller. These are blue quickies used by Ron Shock to work around the audience and the fact bills are being tallied at the club.

Too often when a stand-up comic works blue comparisons are immediately made to the late, great Lenny Bruce, forgetting that Lenny Bruce did work blue but he was using blue language as an art form and in an exploration of the English
Language (as in To is a preposition, Come is a verb). Sex Is Good, the last track on American Storyteller belongs in the pantheon of brilliant stand-up routines built around the meaning of words. Ron Shock does an excellent, complex, and very funny set on the various meanings and vocalizations of Oh, God! This track alone is worth the price of this independent stand-up comedy CD and, by the way, gives you a very good trick to get rid of your visiting mother-in-law.

Track List:

Glad To Be Here
Biker's Titty Bar
The Pursuit of Happiness
My Personal Fitness Guru
Sex Is Good

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