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TV & sitcom DVDs - Terry McGurrin - Comedy Now! June 28 and 29 10 P.M.

Comedy Now! June 28 and 29 10 P.M.
Comedy Now !
Terry McGurrin
CTV June 28th 2008 10 P.M.
The Comedy Network June 29th 2008 10 P.M.

Terry McGurrin kills in his Comedy Now ! performance June 28th on CTV and June 29th on The Comedy Network. This is one funny stand-up comic who covers everything from cottage humor to a very intimate my space.

McGurrin opens strong with a really, really good bit on cottage people, cottage have nots, and directions to the cottage. I am not a stand-up comedy wallflower by far but I feel the comedian oversells a couple of the jokes and some of the material with unnecessary swearing.

The cottage bit segues very elegantly to a routine about going to OCD summer camp. This too is a good bit. OCD jokes are fairly common in the world of stand-up but this guy brings something new to the table.  It may not have a killer line in it but does have a really good ending.

The second segment of Terry McGurrin ‘s Comedy Now! performance opens with some very personal information; let's just say McGurrin will not get an endowment grant. This leads to some biographical information. Let's just say his family believes he is an underachiever. I really liked the last joke relating to comments on his report card.

Comedy Now ! is a Canadian show out of Toronto so many of the comics do some of their local material. In this case McGurrin goes after London, Ontario. The Chamber of Commerce will not like this routine but everybody else will: the gay Nazi parade is delivered perfectly. I wish he had expanded the Christmas mystery segment just a bit -it's a rule of threes thing.

McGurrin's performance ends with some adult material relating to being a DJ -the golf version is great- watching Dr. Sue, and following her advice.

This is the third episode of season eleven of Comedy Now !  This one is really, really worth setting some time aside to watch it.

By the way, McGurrin does Jonesy on 6Teen

Upcoming comics include Peter Anthony, Rob Pue, Ron Sparks, Phil Hanley, Kevin Foxx, Casey Corbin, Jenn Grant, Paul Myrehaug, Dean Jenkinson, and Sean Lecomber.

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