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TV & sitcom DVDs - Kathy Griffin - My Life On The D-List Season 4

My Life On The D-List Season 4
Kathy Griffin My Life On The D-List Season 4
The Comedy Network
Fridays 10 P.M.
Begins August 15th 2008

Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List season 4 begins airing Friday August 15th 2008 at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network (of course!). Season 4 of the Kathy Griffin sort of reality TV show opens with the comic having won an Emmy Award for season 3, incurred the wrath of Jaysssuuusss nuts for a comment she made when accepting the award, suffered God's wrath i.e. dating ubernerd Steve Wosniak, and dealing with her dad's death, and facilitating her mother's love of alcohol.

I am not a fan of reality TV shows but this one is fun to watch. I still feel the episodes are sometimes too much a series of events collaged together but this is something Kathy Griffin fans are used to.

I think season 4 episodes of My Life On The D-List feature more moments where Griffin comments on what is going on or links scenes together by talking to the camera.

Fans of the show will be relieved to know the energy and goofiness that made the show so much fun to watch is still there. There are still a few lulls here and there in the episodes such as the episode 1 moment where Griffin talks to the producer of the Producers Guild Award or the episode 2 merchandise meeting but you keep watching because you know it will get weird or funny in a few minutes.

Season 4 of My Life on the D-List opens strong with a really good clip of Griffin's stand-up comedy before moving on to preparations to her co-hosting CNN New Year's Eve countdown. Based on the segments included in D-List, Cooper didn't know quite what to do with Griffin.

Steve Wosniak is a very strange presence in My Life on the D-List. Who knows how long that will last.

Episode 2 of Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List Season 4 has Griffin taking her stand-up comedy to her assistants' hometown. The St-Louis segment is boring. The small-town part is a lot better. This is not the best episode of the series even though it features more of Griffin's stand-up comedy.

Other My Life On The D-List season 4 episodes will feature Griffin riding a float at a Gay Mardi Gras parade; getting ordained on the net to marry some folks and a Madison Square Gardens performance with Rosie and Megan Mullaly; her assistants becoming B-List famous; a trip to Bora-Bora and trying to get her mom into a home; a new CD; going to a nerd fundraiser; and doing something special for the soldiers back from Iraq.

Season 4 of Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List airs Fridays at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network starting August 15th 2008.

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