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TV & sitcom DVDs - Jeff Dunham - Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special - The Comedy Network Dec. 5th 20th 22nd 25th 2008

The Comedy Network Presents Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special
Jeff Dunham, Walter, Peanut
Achmed, Guitar Guy Brian Haner, Jose Jalapeno
The Comedy Network
Nov. 25, 2008 10 P.M.
90 minutes
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Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special airs onThe Comedy Network, Saturday November 22, 2008 10 P.M. The 10 P.M. time slot is a good indication the Very Special Christmas Special is not always family friendly topic or language wise. The show itself is quite good though there are a couple of jokes that will make you squirm. Other Comedy Network air dates are at the bottom of this review

Instead of his gallery of puppets, Dunham opens his Very Special Christmas Special with an excellent 12-minute story about his daughter gassing up the car. For some reason, Dunham changes his voice a bit for the middle part of the story but the whole routine is a great way to kick off a show. The rest of the Very Special Christmas Special is mostly solid all the way.

First up from ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s puppet gallery is Walter the curmudgeon. Walter has a couple of jokes relating to Kwanzaa that made me wince but he does make up for it later with some digs at Caucasians.

Next up in The Very Special Christmas Special is Achmed the Terrorist in a Santa hat. Achmed allows Jeff Dunham to do some really dark comedy, “Kids, they blow up so fast!”  The ventriloquist really expands his palette with this character and by doing so gets to play with the audience’s emotions. Achmed’s version of Christmas carols is surreal, especially Jingle Bombs with Guitar Guy Brian Haner. Dunham goes off script here and that has everybody, including the ventriloquist, in stitches.

The next Jeff Dunham character is redneck Bubba J. I despise this puppet as most of the humor here is dumb it down stuff, some even older than an 8-track tape in an El Camino. The jokes are lower than lowbrow. The Roadkill Christmas song doesn’t make up for the existence of the Bubba J creature.

Peanut follows Bubba J. and it seems to affect Dunham’s long-time companion. Even Peanut’s voice seems to have changed and the character seems to have developed a taste for tit jokes. The Night Before Xmas reading goes long, really long. I did appreciate the many callbacks to the other characters at the end.

The Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special is quite good if you don’t mind Bubba J (I do) and some very adult oriented humor.

If you like Dunham you are going to love Terry Fator

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