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Comedy Reviews - CD - Don Tjernagel - All American Jester (Harmless As A Prayer In School)


You've got to love Don Tjernagel and his approach to comedy. This guy does what comes as close to stream of consciousness, jazz style stand-up comedy as you can so anything that comes into his head shows up on All American Jester, the second stand-up comedy CD release by this great stand-up comic who works without a net and without any shame. What is great about All American Jester is you definitely get the impression you get a Don Tjernagel set as is, brilliant skits and warts and all though there are not that many warts. All American Jester has something for everyone and something that will definitely make you think this guy not only pushes the envelope, he shreds it.

All American Jester begins my personal fave, a three-minute stand-up bit on Canada. Don Tjernagel does a great Canadian accent. As all comics, there is also a funny story about the worst hotel ever. Track 3 Vegetarian is more about cockwalking (some French guy hitting on your girlfriend right in front of you) and being stuck with Nathalie (of Fact of Life) instead of Blair or Tootie. Tjernagel does a lot of funny sex jokes and All American Jester is no exception though you can be certain Tjernagel will never get the Legion d'Honneur from the French government after what he says about people from France. Brainerd Girl is a funny story about this stand-up comics girlfriend who went to Catholic school, was a tennis player, exotic dancer and nurse (every guy's total wet dream package). What is cool about Don Tjernagel is he can actually do sex jokes without ever coming across as a Neanderthal.

The shortest track on this stand-up comedy CD is White Trash McGuyver where the road-weary stand-up comedian explains how you can get free movies out of the box on top of the hotel TV. Of course, Don Tjernagel is not politically correct so you get funny jokes about mentally retarded people, the Amish, midget sex, nature conservancy, and old people. Don Tjernagel is the only comic I know who is able to take on loveable Corky from Life Goes On and just slam the actor and character. You have to have balls of steel, great comic talent and timing to get away with something like that.

Don Tjernagel not only goes after the French on All American Jester (Harmless As A Prayer In School) but also the German and their very weird sexual preferences, Clinton and his sexual preferences, rednecks and their Easter traditions, Methodists and so on.

It is no accident that the last track on All American Jester by Don Tjernagel is Freedom of Speech. It is the wildest comedy bit I have heard in a while and has to do with the Disney version of Cops featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Jimmy Stewart and Ahnold in a homosexual relationship. It is also Don Tjernagel plea and rant against the politically correct and the purity of beyond the edge stand-up comedy.

If you like your comedy way out there, if you like a great stand-up comic who does not hold anything back, does not censor anything, and lets it all hang out, All American Jester by Don Tjernagel is definitely a must have independent release stand-up comedy CD.

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