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Comedy Reviews - CD - Don Tjernagel - Prick Vol. 1


Prick Volume 1
Don Tjernagel
Independent Release
Mature Content

On the heels of his first three independent release comedy CDs, (Donzilla, Forbidden Comedy of Don, and All American Jester) comes Prick Vol. 1 by Don Tjernagel and if you like kick ass, no holds barred, nothing sacred, in your face, aggressive and absolutely funny stand-up comics Tjernagel is your man. He is a very intelligent, erudite, socially aware comedian who can make you uncomfortable and laugh at the same time.

This guy is the absolute master of the segue. He can go from Republicans, running for office, Canada, mad cow disease, dating, and back to grade school political campaigning in a minute and a half. Less than a minute later you are into jokes about education, the Iran-Iraq war, and being younger. Keeping up with this guys mental and verbal gymnastics is a feat but well worth the effort.

Don Tjernagel also social and political commentary as well as autobiographical material that spares no one especially himself. Here again he will take you from the sexual problems of pandas to trailer parks in the blink of an eye.

He also takes on people who oppose his use of offensive words in his act and in life. He defends it by giving you the history of fuck (Fornication Under Command of the King) and comments on other "bad" words. That the next track is about dating an extra on The Wonder Years should not surprise his fans nor will they be surprise at his link between the end of communism and Rocky IV.

This is not comedy for the faint of heart or Born Again Christians because his take on a Black Jesus, Passion of the Christ "Jesus Christ is more popular than the Beatles", wearing a crucifix spares no one. Then again, if you are a liberal you too will find something to get your goat on this stand-up comedy CD. Even Tjernagel's audience has been known to groan at how far he goes in his act and these are people who paid to see him.

It is very difficult to comment on Prick Vol. 1 beyond how far this standup goes and how good he is at what he does. This is an absolutely solid independent release stand-up comedy CD by someone who does intelligent comedy.

Sound wise it is also solid although the sound quality changes a bit midstream. There is also a woman in the audience whose laugh does get annoying after a while but, hey, nothing is perfect.

Track list:

Racist, Sexist, Homophobe
Good Christian
Wonder Years
Georgia Man

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