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Comedy Reviews - CD - John Valby - Greatest Tits

Independent Release
Mature Content

John Valby Greatest Tits (No, it's not a spelling mistake, just a very bad but appropriate pun) is a funny song CD featuring 17 raunchy and dirty versions of some beloved classics such as YMCA, Obladi, What a Wonderful World, and so on. The independent release CD liner, a six-shot of female breasts, leaves no doubt that this is adult-oriented material. Recorded in front of a definitely live audience, John Valby Greatest Tits is one hell of a funny CD if you are not a sensitive soul.

When it comes to the funny song done dirty, John Valby is the master: "When my dick gets no service, my dog gets really nervous." Wonderful World, another dirty version of a great classic "Don't know much about getting laid.. Don't know much about KY Gel) is definitely funny and without a doubt extremely sexist. His version of the great Bette Midler's The Rose "Some say love is like a river, it flows out white and hot" not only totally massacres a great love song but kills it, drives a stake through it, buries it, and covers it in concrete.

It is obvious when listening to John Valby Greatest Hits that the king of the funny song has quite a loyal following who is very familiar with his material. What also makes this funny song anthology song a great comedy CD is Valby knows not to stretch his material; most songs on thisfunny CD are no longer than a couple of minutes. That's all Valby needs to lambaste a good song. Of course, no Greatest Tits would be complete without such John Valby classics as Skeeter "There's a skeeter on my peter, what it off!" Roll Your Leg Over, Ya-Ya, and Supercalifragilistic. Of course they are there.

My only quibble with this funny song CD is audience participation is great only if you can clearly hear said participation. A live recording is a live recording but still, the sound could be crisper. As the title song of a great James Bond movie once said; when it comes do the dirty funny song, Nobody Does It Better!

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