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TV & sitcom DVDs - Halifax Comedy Festival Show 5 - CBC 04/06/09 9 P.M.

Halifax Comedy Festival Show 5 - CBC 04/06/09 9 P.M.
CBC Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 Episode 5
CBC Television
Monday April 6th, 2009 9 P.M.

Episode 5 of the CBC 2008 Halifax Comedy Festival opens strong with deadpan British stand-up comic John Moloney and the very funny Fraser Young. This clip format stand-up comedy show is not my favorite but is a good lead-in to episode 5 of the CBC Comedy Festival 2008 where Rich Currie, Big Daddy Tazz, Don Kelly, and host Roman Danylo to routines about Creatures Great and Small.

Those familiar with recent reviews of this particular show know the clip format this series embraces is not something I appreciate or even think should exist. Nonetheless, there are some good comics and routines here. A too short bit by Alonzo Bodden more than makes up for Ant, my personal voodoo doll, while the rest of the comedians here are also pretty good: Erica Sigurdson, Jay Malone, Jeff McEnery, the great Cathy Jones of Codco fame, and Nick Beaton.

Fraser Young has a very, very good bit on personal insurance and the cost of a pound of flesh. I would really like to know if he ever performed that bit at an insurance company corporate event. Greg Morton has good bit on crying kids.

The final episode of the CBC Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 airs April 13th at 9 P.M. and includes Ryan Belleville, Jonny Harris, David Hemstad, Phil Hanley, Greg Morton, Jeff McEnery, Irwin Baker, Fred MacAulay, and Pete White. It will be followed by the last episode of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival dedicated to parental humor with Gerry Dee, Mrs. Hughes, Ali Rivzi, and Al Rae.

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