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Funny Books - For Better Or For Worse - Just A Simple Wedding

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Just A Simple Wedding
a For Better Or For Worse Collection
Lynn Johnston
Andrews McMeel 2009
119 pages

And they lived happily ever after. That is how Lynn Johnston ‘s much loved family comic strip For Better Or For Worse ends. Getting there has been a privilege and a pleasure for the strips even most casual fans. Johnston created a work of art we could all relate to and find ourselves in and that is not an easy task.

In A Simple Wedding the Patterson family continues on its journey with a few lows and the great high of Elizabeth Patterson’s wedding. Unlike you standard comic strip, For Better Or For Worse did not exist in a vacuum so real life intrudes with a few difficulties and challenges. You have to give credit to Johnston for managing to move a lot of the strip’s story forward without the reader feeling being rushed.

Johnston also manages to elegantly tie the past the present and the future in a couple of well thought out, touching, and funny strips.


Even casual fans of this series will want to get the last For Better or For Worse collection just to find out how it all ends and what happened to the Pattersons.

Here is hoping Johnston herself does as well as the Pattersons will in the future.

Thank you very much, Lyn Johnston, for 29 years of a great story and family.

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