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Funny Books - Get Rich Cheating: The Crooked Path to Easy Street

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Get Rich Cheating The Crooked Path to Easy Street
Jeff Kreisler
Harper Collins 2009
322 pages Paperback
Tour dates at the bottom of page.

I loooove Get Rich Cheating. When do I get my kickback?

Oh, shit. I should have followed Kreisler’s advice and asked for the kickback before reviewing the book. Then, I could have written this glowing review without reading the book. Guess I am not much of a cheater.

Conspiracy theory 234-980-A: Everybody on Wall Sleaze, in Washington, and the Bush thunk tank read an underground version of Get Rich Cheating by Jeff Kreisler. When Kreisler found out he was not getting his cut, he threatened to sue. To shut him up, Harper Collins agreed to publish his book with the caveat it had to appear to be humor. On that point, Kreisler did an excellent job covering his ass.

Get Rich Cheating is as good an explanation as any as to why the U.S., its government, large corporations, and just about any financial institution you can name are in the financial shitter. Get Rich Cheating is a fun, light read how to book on how to make a dishonest buckillion with a dishonest tenth of a day’s work.

Jeff Kreisler knows his cheater audience. The book is structured in three easy to understand sections: Why Cheat? How to Cheat? and What If You Get Caught. The latter section was not part of the underground version. He also uses short sentences and lots of examples in case cheaters do not understand the sentences. The author even uses words his audience will understand: “Last year alone, the NFL made somewhere between an assload and a buttload.”

There are many great sections in this humor book. A favorite is the Cheat test pages 36 to 39 and its answer key. The tone gets a little too serious ¾ of the way in but it picks up soon enough.

Get Rich Cheating is a humorous book but the author manages to explain a few causes of the current economic crisis (poor folk language) or latest free lunch extravaganza (bailouts) in some chapters.

Short chapters, a good eye for the financially absurd, and a convivial writing style make this humor book a great airport / summer vacation read.

You could also buy a copy and ask your least favorite high finance sleazeball to autograph it. Donating a copy or two to your local minimum security (white collar crime) detention facility would be a little perverse.

May 26-30 - San Francisco, Stand Up at the Punchline, 8pm (10pm F/S)

May 30 - S.F., Border’s, Stonestown Galleria, 2pmJune 2 - Los Angeles, M Bar 7pm
June 5 - Denver, Tattered Cover, 7:30
June 10 - NYC. BIG HUGE BOOK PARTY (& show) Caroline’s on Broadway
June 17 - Philadelphia, Milkboy Cafe (time TBD)
June 18 - Port Jefferson NY, Port Jeff Library, 7pm
June 22 - Boston, Border’s downtown, 1pm
June 23 - Portsmouth, NH, River Run Bookstore (7 pm)
June 25 - Turner’s Falls, Mass, Rendezvous, 7 pm
July 8 - Washington, DC, DC Arts Center (tbd)
July 9 - NYC, Barnes & Noble (18th/5th ave), 6pm
July 16, 28, 30 - NYC, East To Edinburgh Festival, 59E59 Theaters, 7/9pm
July 22 - NYC, Caroline’s on Broadway, 8pm
Aug 7-30 - Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland. The Stand.

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