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TV & sitcom DVDs - The Comedy Network - Comedians of Comedy 06/13 and 20/09 10 P.M.

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The Comedy Network Presents Comedians of Comedy
Live at the Troubadour
Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, David Cross
Brian Posehn, Sarah Silverman, others
June 13th and 20th 2009 10 P.M.

The Comedy Network presents The Comedians of Comedy June 13th and 20th at 10 P.M. as part of its Saturday Night Stand-up series. The show, this time live at the Troubadour, features comics you do not often see on TV or in a comedy special like Andy Kindler, Dana Gould and  so this is your chance to see some of them.  Overall, this show is an uneven and rather unusual stand-up comedy show where the raunchy audience sometimes gets in the way.

Patton Oswalt acts as MC for Comedians of Comedy and does a pretty good job. Dana Gould is first up with a very adult bit. I’ve always liked Gould’s somewhat surreal stand-up. He is unfortunately followed by the always dreadful Zack Galifianakis who still tells the Slow Children joke and hasn’t figured out Miles Davis dead. Even the people putting this show together had a hard time finding enough somewhat interesting jokes to make it appear like Galifianakis was there that night.

Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry is always a sold-out free gig at Just For Laughs. He does a really short, decent enough bit here before introducing Sarah Silverman who sets up a very strange skit.

Other good comics on these two Saturday Night Stand-up installments include Morgan Murphy, Jasper Redd, David Cross although he is having an off night here, Brian Posehn also not at his best in this overly long set, and Maria Bamford.

Much lesser stand-up comics on Comedians of Comedy include Blaine Capatch who made me long for the return of the dreadful Galifianakis and that should never, ever happen. You have to be pretty bad to follow Capatch and not be funnier but Doug Benson manages that. The John Benjamin / David Cross video bit is really lame.

Annoying but not as much as Zack Galifianakis are the backstage clips that bridge commercial breaks. The discovery that Galifianakis has a twin brother who also thinks he is a comic disproves both Darwin’s theory and “Intelligent” Design.

The Comedians of Comedy Live at the Troubadour airs June 13th and 20th at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network. It is a decent enough show but I wouldn’t stay home just for that.

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