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Stand-up DVD - Jamie Foxx - Unleashed - The Comedy Network 07-25-09 10 P.M.

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Saturday Night Stand-Up
Jamie Foxx Unleashed
The Comedy Network
Saturday July 25th, 10 P.M.

The 2003 stand-up comedy special Jamie Foxx Unleashed airs July 25th 2009 at 10 on The Comedy Network as part of its ongoing Saturday Night Stand-Up series. Airing a seven years old special is a bit risky as some comedy does not age well and this is somewhat the case for this one. What really, really annoys the          out of me though is the version that is going to be aired has all the explicit language erased out. It is better than hearing a series of bleeps but              almighty this is a                 10 P.M.            show        .

Jamie Foxx (of In Color, Any Given Sunday, and Ray fame) opens strong with a bit about rap music that becomes a sing-along. Unfortunately, the censored version of this stand-up comedy special really takes all the juice away from the Morgan Freeman v. Bill Cosby imitation bit. I would have loved to hear Cosby utter a few expletives and that, by the way, was core to the joke.

What has not aged well at all in this stand-up comedy special is the next bit on how heroes have become bums. References to O.J. Tyson v. Hollyfield, and Eddie Murphy’s encounter with a “Trans-Am” did not survive very well. That is always what happens with topical comedy. Also included in this rather long and somewhat repetitive routine is a bit on Princess Di.

Jamie Foxx finally moves on with a good bit on Black women and then goes into something I simply did not get. He then does decent bit on getting caught cheating.

Aging is not the only problem with this Saturday Night Stand-Up Comedy Network special. Foxx tends to milk his routines too much. I also got real tired of hearing “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

You do have to give Foxx something: he is the comic who can most easily get the audience to play along and participate in his comedy.

Jamie Foxx Unleashed airs Saturday July 25th 2009 at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network.

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