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Comedy Reviews - CD - Patton Oswalt - My Weakness Is Strong CD and DVD

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My Weakness Is Strong
Patton Oswalt
Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD
Warner Brothers Records 2009

Patton Oswalt has always been a solid and interesting stand-up comic. His newest (2009) stand-up comedy CD DVD set shows he is also getting better. My Weakness I Strong features Patton Oswalt’s usual blend of darkish biographical and social stand-up comedy. It seems marriage, fatherhood, and Obama have not improved this comic’s outlook on life and that is a good thing.

Oswalt opens with a good bit on texting, this year’s equivalent of the airplane joke, that segues into a routine on why homebirth is a bad idea. Becoming a father might force the comic to eat healthier and take better care of himself. The B word fat detector bit is original and funny as hell (see the YouTube clip)

My Weakness Is Strong showcases the wide range of this comedian’s comedy. Eating habits segue into an Escape From New York bit which goes into a bit on Ratatouille and doing interviews with kid journalists, a story about his wife seeing a rat, looking at a new home and crashing the aftermath of an orgy

One complaint I regularly have about Oswalt is he sometimes does not maximize a routine or bring it to a conclusion. This is the case with the excellent bit on the comedian magician that closes the show. This is a great story and a fun insight into the world of stand-up comedy for fans but Oswalt doesn’t tell you how the evening ended.

The Obama time travel bit is a great political comedy routine. Unfortunately the next few bits such the sky cake, the self-checkout, and the nihilist Jet Blue bits either confusing or nothing new.

You might want to be careful when ordering Patton Oswalt My Weakness Is Strong and want the CD / DVD set. Amazon has a separate listing for that but the blue cover CD I received came with the DVD. For those who care this show features some adult language and situations.

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