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Comedy Movies - Year One - Theatrical and Unrated Version DVD

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Year One Theatrical and Unrated Version
Jack Black, Michael Sera, David Cross
Directed by Harold Ramis
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

Comedy wasn’t discovered in Year One. Though this Jack Black comedy is not bad enough to make you want to smash a rock against the Year One DVD in hope of creating the spark it sadly lacks, the thought does cross your mind. The other of many thoughts that cross your mind while inept gag after unfunny joke parade in front of you is I could have done better.

Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part One is the yardstick by which any historical comedy is measured. Year One is the yardstick by which poop is measured for thickness: the poop jokes here are really thick.

Jack Black and Michal Sera play Zed and Oh, a hunter and a gatherer from the caveman days. They get kicked out of their village after Zed eats a forbidden fruit. They then encounter a series of biblical references that could not be duller if read seriously by a born again Christian.

Zed and Oh reminded me of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble but Fred and Barney are not as flat and are much more believable, purple dinosaur and all.

Look for comic David Cross as Cain. He basically steals what little there is to this comedy.

Year One, Comedy Zero.

The Year One DVD features a commentary track. It is remarkable in that this is the only time you will hear someone laugh at a joke in this failed comedy. There is also an alternate ending, alternate lines, a gag reel, and deleted and alternate scenes.

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