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TV & sitcom DVDs - Jeff Dunham - The Jeff Dunham Show - The Comedy Network

The Jeff Dunham Show - The Comedy Network
The Jeff Dunham Show
Jeff Dunham, Walter, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno, others
The Comedy Network
Begins Tuesday Oct. 27th 10 P.M.

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is riding the gravy train these days. This includes his own TV show titled, originally enough, The Jeff Dunham Show. This low budget Comedy Central show was picked up by The Comedy Network and will air Tuesdays at 10 P.M. starting October 27th 2009. This is not an especially good sketch comedy show but it is not that bad either. This show is aimed at an adult audience, preferably rednecks.

How do you get a ventriloquist his own TV show? You have him and his puppets leave the studio for some encounters with real people in a series of short sketches.

There are moments in the Jeff Dunham Show that made me uncomfortable such as the pilot episode where Walter says, “Holy crap. What has happened to this world. You’re on TV, there’s a Black man in the White House. I have lived too friggin long.”

The pilot episode has Walter and Jeff Dunham consulting a therapist because they always seem to argue. Turns out the therapist is gay and this is sort of a biggish deal. A better bit is the fake commercial for the Ahmed the Terrorist stand-up comedy DVD “You might be a terrorist if….”

Another sketch has Peanut hitting the dating scene and meeting semi-celebrity Brooke Hogan. This is pretty much a disaster. So is the skit involving the dreadful Bubba J going to a gunshop and taking a gun safety lesson.

The Jeff Dunham Show is not something you want to make sure you stay home for or even set your DVD recorder to but if you happen to catch it it is fun enough to watch. You might want to catch it soon as I am betting it will not last that long.

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