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Comedy Reviews - CD - Keith Lowell Jensen - To the Moon - Live at Luna's

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To the Moon – Live at Luna’s
Keith Lowell Jensen
Stand-up Comedy CD
Apprehensive Films 2009

It does not take long at all to figure out To The Moon, the first stand-up comedy CD by Keith Lowell Jensen is solid, solid stuff. Any comic who can make a bus driver bit funny and original certainly gets your attention Buyer beware however, this gentle opener is not representative of the more wicked, adult theme comedy Keith Lowell Jensen goes for a few minutes later. To the Moon is funny stuff.

This stand-up comic is all over the place but in a good way. Keith Lowell Jensen is very talented and covers a lot of comedic ground. This means the material here goes from small towns putting up little white Christmas lights in the trees to look like Paris to having a pregnant wife to some of the more … esoteric Japanese porn available on the net.

There are a lot of bits on this stand-up comedy CD that I wanted to say were personal favorites but in the end there were too many and I got bored with keeping track of these. Still, I really liked the L.A. Kings lunchbox Shakespeare bit.

There is a dark, edgy component to To the Moon, Live at Luna an adult audience with balls will especially enjoy. Intelligent, dirty comedy like the porn bit should always be commended.

Also good on this CD is the routine on stupid people and I.Q. Points. Retard jokes are common these days but Keith Lowell Jensen brings something new and very intelligent to the table.

The title track, To The Moon, refers to the last track on this CD. It is the only long form routine here. Long form is my favorite and this routine is very good but needs a better punchline. It still makes me wish Jensen does more of this kind of material next time.

No matter if he does or not, I am looking forward to this comic’s next release.

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