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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dane Cook - Retaliation


Dane Cook
2 CD 1 DVD set
Comedy Central Records
Parental Advisory

This Comedy Central release has to be the most generous bang for your comedic dollar ever. Retaliation features two Dane Cook CDs of two different stand-up performances and a DVD with a whole bunch of clips from Crank Yankers, Shorties Watching Shorties, and edited and unedited versions of Cook's stand-up comedy on the Denis Leary roast and the Bar Mitzvah Bash as seen on Comedy Central and the Comedy Network in Canada

The first CD in this set is titled Want. Fans of Harmful If Swallowed will immediately recognize the fairly sophomoric but very funny jokes and comedy routines that have made Cook a very popular and successful stand-up comic. He takes his car accident bit a bit further with a reference to an accident he supposedly witnessed involving a pedestrian.

Unfortunately, it is a strong echo of Guy On a Bike by Louis CK. The Someone Shit On The Coats is juvenile humour that probably goes over well on the college circuit. The Wall is about a run-in with some guy at Wall greens and Dane Cook deconstructs the joke by starting at the end.

The second comedy CD in this set, Need, features more fairly superficial observational humour by Dane Cook. Superpowers is a very good bit about being able to shoot a laser out of your penis (sophomoric) and a sort of Spiderman talent relating to being able to shoot spaghetti from your fingers. Dane Cook does have a very funny audience riff on this track.

There is the slightly disturbing fact that on this CD Cook does a couple of stand-up routines very, very similar to material on Live In Houston by Louis CK. These are Cook's Optimus Prime and CK's Kids' Names, Itchy Asshole (on both).

Have, the DVD is worth the price of this set alone. Shorties Watching Shorties is a series of short cartoons aired on Comedy Central. These are animated versions of some of Cook's standup routines such as Cheater, Car Accident, Public Restroom, Freaky Guy At Work, Monkey Heist, and the early but classic bit about the Kool-Aid Man. Crank Yankers is very interesting if you are not a bit fan of the crank phone call. This is a series of Sesame Street / Jim Henson Muppets versions of funny phone calls.

The DVD also features, as mentioned before the edited and unedited versions of Cook's appearances on the Dennis Leary Roast and the Bar Mitzvah Bash.

This is, again, a hell of a bang for your dollar. Unfortunately, because of the cover art you will probably find this comedy CD hiding in the heavy metal section because many minimum-wage record store employees just put stuff where they think it goes and not where it should

Richard Lanoie

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