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Comedy Reviews - CD - Nick Swardson - Seriously, Who Farted CD version

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Seriously, Who Farted>
Nick Swardson
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2009

Nick Swardson is a solid college crowd comic who has the potential of a more refined audience, if he wants it of course. Seriously, Who Farted, the second Swardson stand-up comedy CD features material as immature as the title but also a few moments of much more interesting comedy. Generally, this is stuff aimed at the frat house, still think getting drunk is funny crowd.

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This Nick Swardson CD opens with a long series of getting drunk jokes. The next bit is on appearing to be gay; this is pretty good stuff.

If you have seen Grandma’s Boy and Blades of Glory you are going to perhaps appreciate the story routines about the making of these two movies. Otherwise, there is not much here.

Grandma’s Boy

A potentially good bit is Ninja Reunion on what we want to be when we grow up. This is a stand-up bit I wish Nick Swardson has expanded.

Party Monkeys is another drunk adventures story that Swardson milks a bit too much for my taste.

The CD ends with a fake commercial for a bad Christmas CD.

Not taking into consideration the extra features, the Nick Swardson Seriously, Who Farted stand-up comedy CD is slightly different than the DVD. I preferred the DVD.

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Seriously, Who Farted? DVD: Stand-up for an immature mature audience.

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