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Comedy Movies - Warner Brothers Comedy Collection 3 DVD Set

Warner Brothers Comedy Collection 3 DVD Set
Available in Stores

Warner Brothers Comedy Box
Get Smart Steve Carrell
Observe and Report Seth Rogen
Yes Man Jim Carrey
Warner Home Video 2009

The Warner Comedy Box is obviously a marketing gimmick to get buckage from those who do not know what to buy someone or shopping at the last minute. It is 3 comedy DVD set that includes Get Smart with Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway, the it’s a no, man Yes Man with Jim Carrey, and the awful Observe and Report with Seth Rogen.

Get Smart stars Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway as Control agents 99 and 86. The movie’s story arc is set before the sixties situation comedy with Don Adams. Maxwell Smart is an analyst for Control and hoping to become an agent. This is a much more violent comedy than the sitcom was with lots of gunplay. It is a decent movie but the lack of on screen chemistry between Carrell and Hathaway, 99 and 86, takes some of the fun away.

Observe and Report is a mean spirited comedy. Seth Rogen plays the usual Seth Rogen part. This time it is a mall cop. The mall cop wants to be a real cop and ends in a battle of witless with a real cop (a performance phoned in over a bad connection by Ray Liotta). There is a love interest inserted in this comedy for some unknown reason. At the risk of insulting intelligent adolescents, this is adolescent humor

Yes Man stars Jim Carrey in a less than manic performance in a wanna be comedy.. Normally this works to Carrey’s advantage but not here. Carrey plays Carl Allen, a guy who has pretty much withdrawn from life since his wife left him three years ago. A chance encounter leads him to a new-agey group that believes you should say yes to everything. This changes Carl and brings the very quirky Allison (Zooey Deschanel) into his life. The movie depends too much on Carrey’s mimicry for laughs story and characters are basically nonexistent. The surprise twist two thirds into this movie is just stupid.

If you get this Warner Brothers Comedy DVD gift set you will probably watch one of the movies because you haven’t seen it and regift the other two. Observe and Report should go to someone you hate.

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