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Comedy Movies - Warner Brothers Comedy Box - Get Smart

Available in stores

Warner Brothers Comedy Box
Get Smart Steve Carrel, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin
Directed by Peter Segal
Warner Home Video
110 minutes

If you are a fan of the sixties sitcom Get Smart, it takes a bit of a while to get your bearings in Get Smart the movie with Steve Carrel. Once that happens, this comedy DVD is an entertaining movie where the gags usually work. This movie is available in the Warner Brothers Comedy Box that also includes Yes Man with Jim Carrey and a lesser selection, Observe and Report with Seth Rogen. This Comedy Box is one of those pre-packaged Christmas gift ideas and this one is pretty decent.

Maxwell Smart is an analyst at Control and awaiting the results of his 8th try at the agent test. He passes but budget cutbacks mean he will remain an analyst. KAOS attacks Control so there are only a few agents remaining including 99 (Anne Hathaway) and 23 (Dwayne Johnson) as well as two lab nerds, Bruce and Lloyd who get their own spinoff movie.

Get Smart is a bit long at 110 minutes. Perhaps some of the gags could have been left on the cutting room floor but it is hard to say which. This comedy’s weak point is the total lack of chemistry between 99 and 86. Agent 86 was a lot more fun and interesting in the sixties sitcom.

This movie is a good succession of interesting and mostly funny gags but the whole doesn’t hold together that well. The characters are rather generic. Carell is good as Maxwell Smart but does not have the energy and pizzazz Don Adams had so even 86 is rather bland. Get Smart is also much more violent than the TV series where there was no real gun play and nobody died.

Look for a cameo by Bernie Koppel, the original Siegfried.

The Get Smart DVD includes the Smart Takes option which offers alternate scenes during the movie. Something to fart around with after you watch the movie the first time.

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