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Comedy Movies - Up

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Charles Fredricksen, Russell, Charles Muntz
Directed by Peter Docter and Bob Peterson
Pixar 2009

Yes, Up is that good and even better. The only negative reviews for Pixar’s Up on DVD have to do with Disney’s price gouging. The single DVD version of Up only has a couple of shorts as extra features (Partly Cloudy and Dug’s Special Mission). The more expensive “deluxe DVD” with “free” digital copy is 5$ more for the DVD with more special features. The Blu-ray version includes the 2 Up DVD set and the digital copy and many more special features. Up is a movie you should rent until the price comes down a bit (Pixar DVD do that) or Disney releases the special super-duper magic anniversary never before seen limited edition never again until next time and the time after that edition.

Up is the animated story of widower Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) who as a young boy, young man, middle aged man, and old man dreamt of going to Paradise Falls, South America and find famous explorer Charles Muntz. He promised this to young Ellie who becomes his wife. Life happens and the Fredricksens never fulfill their dream. One day, Carl decides to do it after all, unaware he is taking along Russell, a local boy scout and snipe hunter.

Carl and Russell have many adventures. You’ll have to see them for yourself.

Up is simply brilliant. Not a second is wasted either visually or in terms of story. This Pixar movie should be requisite viewing for all those directors who think you need 20 minutes to establish a simple story element. The grayish toned scene at the doctor’s office lasts but a minute but says everything you need to know.

This animated movie is a classic. Just wait for the DVD or Blu-ray to be at the right price. Why get snapped in the mouse's trap?

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