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Stand-up DVD - Kathy Griffin - Allegedly

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Kathy Griffin
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Anchor Bay 2004

Allegedly, Kathy Griffin is a comic. She is best known for her reality show My Life on the D List. I used to think D list referred to a list of celebrities. Her alledgedly stand-up comedy DVD shows D list refers to a list of comics. This is banal comedy delivered by a comic who can rarely complete a single thought.

Kathy Griffin does biographical comedy about herself as a sort of celebrity and put-down gossip jokes about real celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Pamela Anderson. If Griffin was interesting, her stories about herself might be funny but she is not and they are not. As for her bitchy commentary and gssip on various celebrities, it is not particularly original and only serves to make Griffin a celebrity by association.

Griffin’s stand-up comedy is pretty thin content wise. The fact Griffin can’t really put together a full-fledged routine doesn’t help. There are attempts here at a structure here such as pitching a show to Kelsey Grammer and being a red carpet VH1 fashion show commentator but the content is not focused enough to hold any structure.

I got this stand-up comedy DVD in the 3 dollar bargain bin and that was overpriced.

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