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Stand-up DVD - Nick Thune - Thick Noon

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Thick Noon
Nick Thune
Stand-up Comedy DVD and CD
Comedy Central 2010

Nick Thune Thick Noon is one of those Comedy Central stand-up comedy DVD and CD sets I really like as they are a good bang for your buck. The Thick Noon DVD features the aired and unedited versions of Comedy Central Presents Nick Thune which are 20 and 29 minutes long. The Nick Thune CD features some of the same material as on the DVD but is almost 50 minutes long and closes with 5 studio tracks. Overall, this is decent stuff.

Thune is mostly a comic who often plays guitar as accompaniment. His material consists of both one liner jokes and very brief observational material and longer story routines. These include a bit about a pot smoking friend and a decent story about first love on the ‘net.

Thune then gets a friend to help with a monologue – tune about missed connections on Craigslist.

The additional stand-up material on the CD includes a bit about responding to your yearbook comments, Life Savers, and a number about backflips.

The studio tracks are kind of interesting and feature indie artist Kate Miccuci.

Extra features on Nick Thune Thick Noon include a couple of home movie things and what seem to be music video sketches to some tunes: Nothing impressive.

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