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TV & sitcom DVDs - Danny Bhoy - Subject to Change - The Comedy Network April 17 2010 10 P.M.

Subject to Change
Danny Bhoy
The Comedy Network
April 17th 2010 10 p.m. 90 minutes

Danny Bhoy Subject to Change was recorded in front of an appreciative Montreal crowd during the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. This Danny Bhoy DVD and comedy special was more than overdue. You can catch this very smart, personable, and quick-witted comic Saturday April 17th 2010 at 10 on The Comedy Network. If you do, you will certainly not be disappointed. The show features some adult language.

The opening bit with the bagpipes is one of the best openers to a stand-up comedy show I have ever seen. It also allows Danny Bhoy to clearly state he does not do the kind of material you expect. Then again, Bhoy does not usually do the kind of material he himself expects to do. The comic is very much a stream of consciousness, let’s see where this goes and what happens next kind of comic. That more than explains the title.

The comic opens with a routine about going on safari that includes a bit about international about tourists, wildlife parks, German TV, Italian TV and the Italian parliament, and  Italian men, British men, Scottish men and Star Wars characters before going back on safari, the motel room, and the resident gecko.

What most amazes about Danny Bhoy is not matter how loose a structure his material uses, he manages to tie everything together with very funny results.

The second routine starts off with Noah in Scotland and includes the dietary habits of the Scot and people in general; “Says a lot about the French, the ol’ croissant: we are flaky and a little bit gay.” and the pretentiousness of restaurant menus. The chicken bit is superb.

Of course you cannot discuss food and not discuss drink, American bars, Scottish drinking traditions and hangovers. Somehow, Danny Bhoy manages to connect hangovers to songs in the hymnal and puberty, meeting the Queen, and dogs and cats.

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