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Comedy Reviews - CD - Hannibal Buress - My Name is Hannibal

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My Name is Hannibal
Hannibal Buress
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2010

Hannibal Buress was just named one of Variety's Top 10 Comics to watch out for. His first stand-up comedy CD My Name is Hannibal shows why. Buress is a smart, polyvalent stand-up comic with a style all his own. This comedy CD is going to make you laugh for a long time to come. For those who care, Hannibal Buress is sometimes blue.

Buress opens with a most original set up about not being known. His prerequisite Obama bit is better than most I have heard. The routine on rap artists and the lack of closure in rap videos is also very good. It is probably better if you know anything about rap artists.

The title track, My Name is Hannibal, shows how deceptive Buress' laid back stand-up style is as the joke's construction uses audience expectations of a punch. Metal Arms is a strong surreal comedy bit the closer uses for a recall.

This stand-up comedy CD also features some excellent short bits. The best routine is Pickle Juice. This is clearly Buress' signature piece. Another especially original bit is the syphilis bit.

Hannibal Buress has a deceptively relaxed style that serves to emphasize how good the jokes are.

Another of Buress' fortes, though not quite as evident as I would like, on this CD is observational comedy about language.

My Name is Hannibal Buress is solid.

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