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Comedy Reviews - CD - Darryl Lenox - I'm Darryl Lennox - Live at Comix

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Im Darryl Lenox Live at Comix
Darryl Lenox
Stand-up Comedy CD
BSeenMedia 2010

I know it is not the comic's fault but it sure took Darryl Lenox long enough to get a comedy CD out. This fan has been waiting for I'm Darryl Lenox Live at Comix since at least 2002 and Lennox' performance on a CBC radio show titled Madly Off In All Directions. This CD is good and an accurate reflection of the kind of stand-up comedy Lennox does.

This CD is one I will be listening to on a regular basis yet I know I would have liked it more had it not been for the wait.

Lenox is a laid back comic who lets the smart, somewhat adult but not dirty material do the work. For some reason the stand-up opens with a bad one-liner about Black guy and fat white b!tches that is really not his style. He then proceeds to present his set as serious, fun, and serious and that is pretty much how this stand-up comedy works.

The second routine on his family being rent-to-own financially retarded is very good but much too short. Lenox follows with a bit on a weird set he had. These are usually on the lame side but the comic makes it work. The religion and Buddhism bits are good.

Other bits deal with Obama, Bush leaving, the economy. This too is good stuff and segues to more general topics like TV sports, his new and crunchy granola type in-laws.

Track 12 on men and women communicating uses a generic topic but is very funny. It segues into a good relationship comedy bit that introduces an original element, the outside source.

Darryl Lenox Live at Comix closes with two more adult bits: Battle For Head in the Bed and a deleted scene from Shawshank Redemption where Lenox does an excellent Red.

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