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Comedy Reviews - CD - Mike Trainor - Giant

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Mike Trainor
Stand-up Comedy CD
Next Round Entertainment 2010

Good stand-up comics make people laugh with a blend of jokes and personal stories.  An excellent comic turns a mundane event like being stuck at an airport or sleeping with a girl into something extraordinary thus funny.  The stories appeal to a wide audience because they are relatable and the comic adds his own comedic touch to make them outstanding.  This is what does not happen on Giant, a stand-up comedy CD by Mike Trainor.  Trainor is best known for TrueTV's World Dumbest Crinimals.

Giant starts off with a decently funny recorded sketch of a guy talking to his future self on the phone. Mike Trainor then hits the stage and from start to finish it's clear that he's not headliner material, at least not yet.  The jokes are not polished and he seems to lack the confidence necessary to a good comedian.  He leaks out that he's an opening act halfway through his set when he refers to the actual headliner, confirming what I had already suspected. 

It's not that the jokes on this comedy CD are necessarily bland or stupid, they just lack the real funny factor that good story-telling comedians have.  It appears throughout that there's just one revelation that this aspiring comedian needs to have before his jokes really stand out and make the audience laugh. 

As things stand now, though, this stand-up CD is not really worth a listen.  The material is not there yet, Trainor's delivery needs a lot of work and the set doesn't flow. 

In a few years Mike Trainor could legitimately be an excellent comedian, but until then, he need not produce any more CDs. 

Worst tracks: Sensual Delights, Travel Fun

Best Tracks: Talking to Myself, True Story

Joe Schneider

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