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TV & sitcom DVDs - J.P. Mass - Comedy Now! Season 12 Episode 10

Comedy Now! Season 12 Episode 10
Comedy Now! Season 12 Episode 10
J.P. Mass
The Comedy Network
Check for listings

J.P. Mass is a decent young comic. His Comedy Now! special on the Comedy Network has a strong opening with the suggestion it would be nice if our alarm clock reacted to us like a comedy club audience. This segues nicely into a bit about airplane travel and kids on airplanes. This is a tired topic but Small brings something new by making fun of a somewhat psychotic mother. The rest of the show is sort of decent enough though not particularly original and a bit blue. Check the comedy network website for air dates and times. Comedy Now! itself airs Saturdays at 10 P.M.

J.P. Mass is not the most original observational comic on the planet. He does a variation on the old "there is a war on drugs but TV keeps trying to sell us drugs". His drug routine is a bit too long for its own good.

The next bit is about how hard it is to find a place to smoke now and the new anti-smoking laws.  The next routine is a mess at the beginning before focusing on women as nurturers. His computer bit on how the program does not come with the laptop dates back to the 8088 processor. So does the Word paperclip bit. No stand-up comedy routine about computers is complete without some porn jokes.

The next bit is also a mess.

A couple of things that have always bugged me about the Comedy Network s Comedy Now! format is the mic seems to be bolted centre stage and the canned laughs are about as old as I Love Lucy.  This has not changed this season but The show is still a good stand-up comedy showcase for young-ish Canadian comics.

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