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Comedy Reviews - CD - Tom Papa - Calm, Cool, & Collected

Calm, Cool, & Collected
Tom Papa
35 minutes

Tom Papa is a very audience friendly, fairly clean, adult oriented stand-up comic. Calm, Cool, & Collected, though a bit short at some 35 minutes, is a solid comedy CD that easily survives a few listenings. Papa is a relationship and observational comic who uses the time-tried beffudled married man persona as the source for many of his jokes.

Like any married comic, Tom Papa talks about his home life experience on Calm, Cool, & Colleted and you definitely get the feeling the title of this funny CD is more wishful thinking than reality in his case. This also seems to have been the case when Papa was growing up as evident in much of the autobiographiocal comedy that is also included on this CD. Like many comics, he had a traumatically funny childhood that is a source of much of his self-deprecating humor.

Calm, Cool, & Collected by Tom Papa may sound, so far, like your run of the mill stand-up comedy CD but Papa manages to make his material fresh, very funny, and original. Tom Papa's observational comedy focuses on our daily foibles, the slow downfall of society ("My nephew's bike has a cup holder!"), and the fattening of society. Any comic working after 9/11 has to prove his mettle bu doing a few terrorist jokes and Papa manages to do it smoothly without really going near the edge.

Still, Tom Papa is an adult oriented comic and not someone you can listen to if you got kids in the car with you. For those who like mature comics without all the foul language that too often is used to punch up a weak punch line, Tom Papa is your guy.

I wish Calm, Cool, & Collected were longer but there you go.  The sound, by the way, is beyond reproach.

Track list:

Intro / Pirate
Where Are You Going?
Why Kids
Uncle Tom
Big Head
Tommy Salami, Wrestling Joke Too
When Men Were Men
Evil Magician
Not Cool
The Bus
Old People
Scary Skies
Pet People

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