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Comedy Reviews - CD - Nick Griffin - Bring Out the Monkey

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Bring Out the Monkey
Nick Griffin
Stand-up Comedy CD
Rooftop Comedy 2010

Nick Griffin is an excellent stand-up comic with a somewhat existentialist take on things. His 2010 stand-up comedy download and CD Bring Out The Monkey is solid all the way through. Griffin takes on the travails of daily life. The result is a series of short routines that will make you laugh and a few punchlines you will steal to sound funny around the water cooler: "I have a six-digit PIN number to a two-digit balance."

Most of the topics on this stand-up comedy CD are the kind of stuff you hear comics do almost all the time. The trick, and Nick Griffin more than has it, is to make these observations on daily life interesting and give them a good pay off. An example of that is the short and dead-on routine on men crying.

There are more than a few excellent routines on Bring Out the Monkey. One that speaks volumes in just over two minutes is Sleep and Depression and someone should send Obama's daughters the Approval Rating bit.

Something else Griffin does that only the really good comics can do is set up the routines so that they work together. I really like the Technology - Energy Drinks - Lazy trio.

The title track is a simile joke like you've never heard before.

The one reservation I have about comedian Nick Griffin is his use of foul language. I absolutely do not mind comics who work blue; I simply believe in his case it takes away from or cheapens what he has to say.

Nick Griffin Bring Out the Monkey is excellent.

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