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Stand-up DVD - Gabriel Iglesias - I m Not Fat, I m Fluffy Blu-ray

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Click pic for Amazon page

I m Not Fat I m Fluffy Blu-ray
Gabriel Iglesias
Stand-up Comedy Special 2009
Comedy Central 2011

If you ask me stand-up comedy on Blu-ray is a bit silly. Comedy Central did not ask for my opinion and released Gabriel Iglesias s 2009 Comedy Central special I m Not Fat, I m Fluffy in high definition. This is an excellent show so what do I know. Aside from one m-f at the end this is clean material with some adult themes

Iglesias is a very likeable, easy going, and multi-talented stand-up comic. He is also very confident as he not only opens with a routine about legendary Latino comic Paul Rodriguez but where Rodriguez gets the upper hand.  It is a very funny story about and Iglesias does a very good Rodriguez.

His Black hotel receptionist is also excellent. This is followed by a routine that explains the Parental Advisory on the cover: a ten-year-old Gabriel watching an adult TV station. He nails it in less than two minutes.

Other good routines, and there are many on this stand-up comedy Blu-ray include a short imitation of Larry the Cable Guy for a redneck joke and one of Clinton. The relationship material is original. The bits involving his girlfriend s son are especially good.

The callback in the closer is superb.

It is basically impossible not to really enjoy Gabriel Iglesias

Special features on this Gabriel Iglesias Blu-ray are routines of the two opening acts Martin Moreno and Noe Gonzales; Iglesias chatting with fans after the show; and a very short deleted bit about Iglesias and his high school reunion.

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