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TV & sitcom DVDs - Archer - Season One

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Archer The Complete Season One
10 Episodes 2 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Archer is an odd and not particularly good cartoon spy spoof originally aired on FX. Season One features 10 episodes on 2 DVD.  There is a little bit of every spy movie or show you have seen in Archer including James Bond, Matt Helm, and Get Smart.  The animation is decent, the Roy Lichtenstein like characters look good, but the writing is abysmal.  The voice work suffers because of that although this is giving it credit.

Sterling Archer (code name Duchess) works for a company called Secret Intelligence Service headed by his mother. His ex-girlfriend Lana Kane is also an agent and dating SIS s accountant. Sterling and his boss mom do not get along. All SIS employees are dysfunctional.

Perhaps Archer is one of those shows you either get or do not get. I got the comedy aspect but failed to get why all the characters have to yell all the time. The adult humor is mostly juvenile.

The show does get better as the season progresses.

Special features on Archer Season One are the original unaired pilot (DVD 1) and unaired network promo, the making of Archer, and deleted scenes (DVD 2).

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