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Comedy Reviews - CD - Ray Romano - Live At Carnegie Hall

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Ray Romano
Live At Canegie Hall
Sony Music 2001

Everybody Loves Raymond, or Ray Romano. On the tv show, Ray Romano comes across as a baffled guy trying to make the most of what he's got. The stand-up comedy CD Live At Carnegie Hall is Ray Romano coming across as a baffled guy trying to make the most of what he's got. It's that simple and that successful a formula. When a stand up comic has a long running sitcom, or any sitcom on prime time, you can bet dollars to donuts he (there are very few women comics with their own sitcoms) comes across as a likeable guy who tries his best to deal with life's funny complications. It works.

The only difference between Everybody Loves Raymond the tv show and Live At Carnegie Hall the comedy CD is that Romano covers a few topics that are not seen on his whitebread world TV sitcom. The second track, Italian and Jewish, is a standard Romano funny story about growing up in an Italian and Jewish neighborhood. It's a funny story where the Jewish children ran the lemonade stands and the Italian kids ran the protection racket of said lemonade stands. The rest of this good comedy CD is your standard comedy material dealing with jokes, stupid jokes, politically incorrect jokes (told cleanly), turning forty, shopping, babies, diapers, kids saying funny things, and so on and so on.

Romano is not a groundbreaking comic and there's no harm in that. It is good to have a comedy CD that is funny, pleasant to listen to, not too challenging intellectually, and, most important, full of funny stories and funny jokes.
Live At Carnegie Hall maynot be the kind of comedy cd referred to in ten or twenty years but it is very good at what it sets out to do. There is nothing wrong with easy listening comedy and Ray Romano is an easy listening kind of comic. If you like the show,. you will like this stand-up comedy CD.

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