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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jim Norton - Despicable

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Jim Norton
stand-up Comedy MP3 and CD
BseenMedia 2011

Jim Norton is one of very few smart and really funny dirty comics. His latest stand-up comedy MP3 and CD Despicable proves he is also consistently good. Adult stand-up comedy is easy; all you got to do is swear and screw a lot. Good adult stand-up is saying something without relying on the shock value of your material to get the laughs. Jim Norton is a comic those who can appreciate smart and nasty comedy will love. CD at Amazon

On our 2011 Top 10 Comedy CD and MP3 list

Despicable opens strong and with an update on Norton s romantic life. "I have a girlfriend now ... After sex I have to keep telling myself "Do not give her the money, do not give her the money' ... which is better than last year s "Ignore the Adam s apple." This also clearly shows what you are going to get.

Norton is also a dark comic. His bit on the Golden Gate Bridge documentary and what he would do with it makes you want to do what he thought of doing. Other good bits of advice include how to use a hurricane to kill your spouse.

His observational skills are also dead on in bits such as Bonding With People Sucks, Poker playing Dickheads,

A couple of the bits on Jim Norton Despicable are a bit dated such as that about March of the Penguins. The thing is it is such a good routine you can see why Norton is keeping it around. The same cannot be said about the Heather Mills bit.

I could also swear I've heard the Ron Jeremy joke before.

Jim Norton Despicable is a gradual descent into the nastiest of human foibles and interests and one hell of a funny ride.

The one weak point on this Jim Norton CD is the track list is printed in white print even smaller than Norton s dick (according to his own material anyways) on a black background on the back liner.

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