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Stand-up DVD - Bruce Bruce - Losin It - Live From Boston

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Click for Amazon page

Losin It!
Bruce Bruce
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Salient Media 2011

Stand-up comic Bruce Bruce has it in Losin It even if the material on this stand-up comedy DVD is pretty much par for the course for a popular big or Black comic: White folks and Black folks, dieting, big girls, and so on. This Bruce Bruce DVD features adult language and raunchy topics but nothing most have not already heard at any comedy club.

The strongest of the stand-up routines on this DVD is when Bruce gives sexual advice and discusses his various encounters with the ladies.

Also good though generic in nature is the kids today vs growing up back then. Bruce Bruce makes the routine work because of the characters he creates for it. Much the same can be said about the Alzheimer's bit.

Most original is the People Do Stupid Sh!t routine.

The show closes with a good local comedy bit on Boston, a routine about his mom who just passed away, and a really really old joke about a guy sending a parrot to his mother for her birthday.

There is nothing particularly special about this Bruce Bruce show but it is a solid set through and through.

The bonus feature on this Bruce Bruce DVD is a totally pointless 3-minute backstage clip.

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