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Funny Books - The Last Stand of Chuck Norris

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The Last Stand of Chuck Norris
Ian Spector
Gotham Books
400 Norrises
The Last Stand of Chuck Norris is a good time killer. It may be hard to understand the success of the fake Chuck Norris factoid books like this one unless you actually flip through one (if you crack one open Chuck Norris will crack your spine). The factoids are usually funny, outrageous, and silly. The occasional illustrations are okay. There is adult language used for some so buyer beware. The Last Stand of Chuck Norris is a great gag gift for any man s man secure enough to withstand the comparison. Kindle version

That is all you need to know about The Last Stand of Chuck Norris. Here are a few quotes from this Ian Spector book just to give an idea:

Chuck Norris calls out his own name during sex because anything else would ruin the moment.
Chuck Norris has killed eighty-seven mimes with one invisible shotgun
Chuck Norris did not guest star on Seinfeld because you always know what the deal is with Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris entry in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galazy reads: Panic!

There are 396 other such weird facts in this book.

The Last Stand of Chuck Norris follows on the boot heels of  The Truth About Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris Cannot Be Stopped and the somewhat lesser Chuck Norris vs Mr. T (all available in   The Good, The Bad, and the Deadly - The Chuck Norris Thrillogy

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