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Comedy Reviews - CD - Don Tjernagel - Prick 2


Prick Volume 2
Don Tjernagel
Independent Release
Not for the faint of heart
50 minutes

Don Tjernagel rules. Prick 2 is this stand-up comic's fifth independent release comedy CD and it definitely kicks ass comedy. Still, this CD is not for the faint of heart, the politically correct, the easily or not so easily offended. I consider myself a veteran stand-up comedy fan, rarely encounter comedians I find offensive and when I do find one who, in my opinion, goes beyond good taste it is more because the comic is not strong enough to deliver the edgy material than because of the material itself. Don Tjernagel has the chops and the talent (and then some) to do whatever he wants and make jokes about whatever he wants but Prick 2 definitely made me squirm. It also definitely made me laugh so what the hell.

The particularly controversial tracks are White Women and "N" about the N word. Hollywood is more stand-up comedy about race relations and a former Tjernagel girlfriend who blamed Mexicans. This comic has always been a personal fave not only because he pushes the envelope but also because this is very intelligent comedy and Prick 2 is up to Tjernagel's usual high standards. His greatest talent is the segue and Hollywood is proof of that.

Baby boomers definitely get attacked on this solid (aside from the sound quality, and more on that later) stand-up comedy CD and on 60's, the third track. Fair warning for the women folk out there: it is not a good idea to be this comic's girlfriend as you automatically become fodder for his stand-up act. I am starting to suspect that he probably chooses his mates for their comedic potential but I could be wrong.

The titles on Prick 2 are a bit misleading. Allah and Jesus starts off with a bit about sniffing panties, butt sex, before going into another nastily funny bit about religious icons before moving on to more controversial material about ordinary people.

The last track on Prick 2 contains the joke that has the greatest chance to offend listeners (it has to do with Jews and ovens) but it is, as a vast majority of the stand-up comedy on this independent release CD, really funny.

If you are the kind of stand-up comedy fan who books his or her tickets to Just For Laugh's Nasty Show the minute they come out and if you like really edgy comedy, Prick 2, and everything by Don Tjernagel is definitely something you will enjoy.

The sound quality on this CD is a bit rough is a scratchy throat sort of way. Otherwise, the sound levels and so on are fine so I will not bitch about it.

Prick 2 is solid.

Track list:

White Women
Prude Block
Jockey Whore
AIDS Monkey
Allah vs Jesus
I'm A Prick

Richard Lanoie

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