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TV & sitcom DVDs - Perry Perlmutar - Comedy Now!

Comedy Now!
Perry Perlmutar
Comedy Now!
Saturday July 2nd 10 P.M.

Perry Perlmutar gives a superb performance on his Comedy Now! special on The Comedy Network. You will definitely want to catch this stand-up Saturday July 2nd at 10. Perlmutar is clean, fresh, interesting, and witty. There are at least a couple of jokes that will stay with you long after this set.

Perlmutar starts off strong with a bit about the Incredible Hulk. Don’t be afraid. This comic doesn’t even come close to asking why the Hulk’s pants stayed on when he transformed. Instead, he makes a few more original and very funny observations ad uses a couple of factoids to really nail the routine.

Another solid bit is his adventures teaching ESL. Having done that myself, I probably appreciated this stand-up comedy routine more than most but is really is funny. It is also used for a callback at the close.

Yet another very good bit is about the games people play in relationships such as Grabage Jenga, Anger: Real or Residual, or Apology: Sincere or Condescending.

A little less solid, and this is very much relatively speaking, is the baby bit. It did not sound quite as tight as everything else.

Perry Perlmutar Comedy Now! is one show you really want to catch. You can also watch it at The Comedy Network website after it airs July 2nd.

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